The month of May began with burst of activity as the London team engaged with exciting new clients, delivering projects across the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Voice Recognition technologies, while continuing servicing existing customers in Publishing and Pharmaceuticals.

We have remained extremely active in attending and speaking at some of the most distinguished invitation-only events within Intellectual Property, Investment and General Tech verticals. Just to give you a flavour, our team joined the 11th New Web Conference in Amsterdam on 26-27 of May, where we actively discussed future technologies with pioneers such as Steve Huffman (Co-Founder & CEO) of Reddit, Travis Kalanick (Co-Founder & CEO) of Uber, Stacy Brown-Philpot (CEO) of TaskRabbit.

Europe’s CEO Chris Donegan was present  at the International Funds Summit in Cyprus on 29-31st May and discussed with attendees importance of Intangible Assets.

The EE Europe team attended Business Rocks Manchester, where we engaged in active discussion over A.I. with the Co-Founder of Apple Computers – Mr. Steve Wozniak.

Overall in the month of May, the EE Europe team participated at 19 events through various partnerships with Google Campus, Barclays Bank, the VR/AR Association UK, etc.

Our CEO Dr Chris Donegan will be presenting at IPBC Global Conference in Barcelona on 5-7 of June on the topic- “Adapt or Die- The IP Marketplace Cannot Survive Without Flexibility”.

We are extremely excited to announce that we will be delivering in June, the first “EverEdge Clinic” where our specialists will engage with SMEs and provide one-to-one pro-bono consultation.

We continue our practice to deliver high-quality content, specialist and insightful advice to the tech community in the UK through our “Monetising Intellectual Property Breakfast” Series. For the month of June, we will be looking at Cyber Security and Data Risk Management.

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