EverEdge assisted a major New Zealand Technology Transfer Office (TTO) on a biotechnology licensing case against a tight deadline. The advice provided on the client’s intellectual property position and the critical terms for the license meant the TTO was one step ahead of the licensee and poised to negotiate a better deal as a result.

The client was the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of one of New Zealand’s largest Universities. Its role is to commercialize and generate revenue from the research and development efforts of the University.

The TTO was approached by an offshore multi-national company interested in licensing one of its biotech patents. Uncertain of the potential market and what the commercial terms of the license should be, the TTO needed more information before entering negotiations and turned to EverEdge for help. The TTO needed accurate information and clear strategic advice and the project had to be delivered against a tight time frame.

After gathering key facts from the TTO, we engaged in programme of rapid research, examining the market potential, the intellectual property landscape of the technology and the universe of analogous deals that had recently been completed. The goal was to determine critical values for the terms of the negotiation, the likely set of settlement ranges for the deal and from this develop a clear strategy to guide the TTO in the license negotiations.

We used our network to contact experts in New Zealand and the United States, as well as its own extensive knowledge base to deliver a comprehensive and accurate set of recommendations, data points and guide points within the deadline.

The resulting comprehensive report provided critical market information and a detailed breakdown of the key commercial terms, including royalty levels, that the client needed for the negotiation.

EverEdge delivered this critical and urgent project on time and enabled the client to enter the license negotiations in a strong and well informed position.

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