Airline Leads The Way With Clever Technology



A national airline developed a clever technology designed to set it apart from competitors but wasn’t sure how best to commercialize it. EverEdge quickly helped it to determine the best way forward – saving them a six-figure sum in the process.

The client is well known in the aviation industry for its creative marketing strategies and innovative approach to competing against larger airlines.  Against a backdrop of intense competition for premium economy class passengers, the airline developed a product that would provide a competitive advantage.

Deploying the product would be costly and complex so the airline needed to understand its commercialization options and the associated benefits and risks.  To date it had only received narrow, patent-specific, advice that was not necessarily providing its intellectual property with the most effective protection.  What’s more, this costly approach was delivering no real commercial benefits. EverEdge was approached to provide objective and robust advice in advance of an executive management meeting to define the carrier’s strategy around the technology.

We worked closely with the client to understand the technology and its context within the industry. This involved researching and assembling a comprehensive picture of the intellectual property universe in which the new technology operated and defining the intellectual property’s potential to be leveraged in a commercial context.

Having an in-house aviation expertise meant we could quickly identify the most important issues and provide the client with in-depth industry specific advice that was unavailable from conventional sources.

A comprehensive set of commercialization options was drafted and presented to senior management in advance of the executive meeting. The options took into account a wide range of issues and contingent scenarios to determine the carrier’s best strategy to maximize returns from its technology investment.

EverEdge enabled the client to objectively assess and select the best commercialization option for its new technology. The technology subsequently went on to receive significant positive consumer feedback and increased market share once launched.

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