Sale Of Portfolio Exceeds Expectations



Through our well-developed process and technical, legal and financial analysis, EverEdge brought competing bidders to the table and exceed everyone’s revenue expectations. The client returned for more monetization projects with similar results.

The client designs, develops and sells a diverse portfolio of high-performance semiconductor products into advanced telecom and data networking applications. The client wanted to exploit their decades of R&D and IP investment to generate revenue from patent assets no longer core to their business. They had initially identified patent candidates related to high-speed data applications, but didn’t have the legal, technical or financial resources and IP expertise to best exploit the assets in a sale.

When EverEdge engaged with the client, they had out-sized expectations regarding the valuation and timelines required. By working through the initial project with the client, EverEdge also surfaced a client need for a continued patent asset sale process that would fit into a fiscal schedule.

EverEdge provided key analysis, process and a network of buyers. We provided the client with a patent exploitation plan. For the initial project, EverEdge invested its own resources to understand the technology and develop the patent assets, which entailed working with outside technical and legal experts. Concurrently, we researched the commercial marketplace for the project patents’ technology.

Next we were able to integrate all of the work product to create evidence of value in the form of multiple claim charts against specific commercial products and technical standards. This effort was supplemented with a detailed sales offering package and focused business case packages.

 EverEdge also developed the marketplace of potential buyers, identifying specific operating companies and non-practicing entities (NPE’s) which should have an interest in purchasing the portfolio. EverEdge worked one-on-one with series buyers creating customized sales materials, including claim charts and business cases, to show buyers the impact and value proposition for how they could realise quantifiable benefits through ownership of the portfolio.

 For the client’s longer-term strategy, EverEdge was able to provide a monetization process which allowed them to realise their revenue goals and timelines.

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