Updates from EverEdge Australia

Since the last update the Australian team has been busy working with banks across Australasia and presenting on valuation of intangible assets. Recent work was covered in an article published in The Australian and the CA Acuity magazine. 

In the last two months Michael Masterson and Paul Adams have done a number of general presentations as well as more specific topics such as valuation of intangible assets to Chartered Accountants across Australia. 

EverEdge AU Managing Director Yumi Millan presented to University of New South Wales-backed incubator Innovation Dojo, and to a large representative group from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam.

In 2017, the first half of the year will be busy with a number of educational sessions and speaking engagements across different industries and organisational bodies. Discussions have begun for us to work closer with different levels of government and are currently doing work for a university, assisting them with the creation of IP strategy and policy, and companies, ranging from trade secret identification and management to general commercialization advice and valuations.

A big thank you to our supporters, particularly Simon Poidevin, one of our shareholders. We could not have achieved all these things without you. 

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