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Welcome to EverEdge’s October 2018 Newsletter.

It’s been a long time since our last newsletter – we have been extremely busy growing and delivering for clients across the United States, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

Reviewing our client engagements, we are exceptionally proud to announce that our Average Return on Fees to clients now exceeds 10x. For us this is the key measure of what we deliver to clients highlighting our value in delivering tangible results.  

Over the coming months, we’re proud to be involved with several conferences and events that will help increase awareness and understanding around the value of intangible assets, as well as helping companies to understand how they can manage risk and take advantage of the opportunities that exist around these assets.

Today, intangible assets are not just the largest repository of value, but they are also the primary drivers of future company performance, which means they are also what fundamentally drives today’s (and tomorrow’s) share price. 

To read more about what we’ve been up to and what’s coming up, please read on.

Paul Adams, CEO

Upcoming events

An audience with Sunny Bates
October 15, Auckland 

Singapore FinTec Festival 2018
November 12-16, Singapore 

Risk Forum: New Directions in Risk
November 15, Melbourne

Intangible Asset Management 2018 
December 03-04, Sydney


EverEdge Global Updates: 

IAM Top 300

Paul Adams, EverEdge Global CEO, and Paul Davies, Head of Strategy, were both reconfirmed for the 6th and 4th years respectively as being among the top intellectual property strategists globally by IAM Magazine, the intellectual property industry’s independent and premier publication.

Singapore Alliance extended 

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore renewed its alliance with EverEdge in Singapore after an extremely successful 12 month pilot. Together the Alliance has now engaged with more than 100 companies in Singapore, ranging from some of the largest (SGD50B+) to small but high potential start-ups.

More than half a billion in US$ raised 

EverEdge’s intangible asset valuations have now been used by clients to raise more than half a billion US$ in equity and debt capital for clients. At any one time we now have 5 – 10 valuations underway for purposes ranging from capital raising, to M&A, to joint venture and alliance construction and tax.

EverEdge Foundation™ 
programme turns three! 

We’ve now delivered our Foundation™ programme to more than 200 companies across Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Foundation two stages Audit and Strategy process helps senior management teams and boards to identify valuable intangible assets and key intangible asset risks and provides companies with a strategy and action plan to unlock an Intangible Asset value. Feedback from this programme averages over 4 stars out of 5. To contact us for more information, click here

We’re been growing
Over the last few months, we have brought on additional six staff (Singapore: Clement Lee, Shaun Sng and Amy Cheng; New Zealand: Bridget Allen and Susan Maloney; and Australia: Brett Kensett-Smith) as our team expands internationally.

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What our clients are saying: 

“I strongly recommend EverEdge to any company involved in M&A or capital transactions that call for valuation or assessment of intangible assets. Their advice was insightful, professional and decisive.” Grant Webster, CEO, Tourism Holdings Ltd (NZX: THL)

“We worked with EverEdge to develop an intangible asset strategy and on a valuation project. The process provided valuable insights that have enabled us to make the right decisions to drive growth and value.  We were particularly impressed with their professionalism and a desire to get a high level of understanding of our business imperatives leading to specific, tangible input to our thinking on strategic market development and resource allocation .” David Heald, Managing Director, Feenix.

“Having evolved through 21-years of mergers and acquisitions, we needed to better understand the value of our business as we pivoted into the cloud service provider space.  As part of our digital transformation journey, we engaged EverEdge to help us develop a strategy around how we could further build and leverage the value of our intangible assets.  The process was insightful and helped us to understand where the core value of our organisation lies and where we need to target both protection and leverage.”  Michael Foley, CEO, Umbrellar Group.

Are you putting your business at risk?   

There is a growing realization regarding just how important intangible assets are.  Intangible assets now account for more than 87% of all company value – and in technology orientated companies and start-ups, the proportion is even higher. Virtually all earnings growth is tied up in intangible assets, which means that Boards and senior management teams need to understand how to manage risk around these assets.  

A recent research report from US data security company Code42, found that 78 percent of CEOs agree that ideas, in the form of intangible assets (intellectual property or “IP”), are the most precious assets in an enterprise.  However, it also found that 72 percent of CEOs admitted to taking valuable intangible assets from a former employer. This demonstrates a significant disconnect between what executives say and do.

Over the past several years, our team has undertaken more than 750+ client engagements to help business’ identify, value, manage and monetize their intangible assets. Yet across all these engagements, there was only one company that noted intangible asset risk on its risk register!

For many companies, leakage or theft of critical confidential information is one of the biggest intangible asset risks they face. This is closely followed by not being able to prove ownership of key assets; not owning brand, or brand infringement; hazardous use of open code software; or threatened or actual IP litigation.

However, all too often, these – and other – risks related to a company’s intangible assets are overlooked. Too often companies track chairs, company cars and equipment (fixed assets) without any focus on vastly more valuable intangible assets. All companies have a fixed asset register, yet virtually none have an intangible asset register.

Today, intangible assets are the most important assets a company controls, regardless of what the balance sheet or P&L might say. They are not just the largest repository of value, but they are also the primary drivers of future company performance, which means they are also what fundamentally drives today’s (and tomorrow’s) share price. 

To effectively leverage intangible assets, it is critical to understand the value (and risks) that these assets present. To find out more, click here

Not to be missed: Intangible Asset Management 2018 

This December, the world’s first conference focusing specifically on intangible assets will be held in Sydney. EverEdge Global team members Paul Adams, Michael Masterson and Tyler Capson will be sharing the stage with leading luminaries Dixon Soh, Rob Campbell, Jonathan Haskell and Ian Fletcher, among others.  

With a programme spanning two-days, leading conference provider IQPC has brought together some of the world’s foremost experts to share their insights into how businesses can recognise and value their intangible assets, and adapt to the new knowledge based economy.
To view the full programme and to book your seat at the event, click here

Sunny Bates in New Zealand 

Renowned speaker and TED Brains Trust luminary Sunny Bates, will be speaking at an AMCHAM event on October 15, sharing insights into: 

  • What are the key issues keeping political and business leaders awake at night;
  • Whether the current political environment is creating a more combative style of global leadership than we’ve seen in recent years, and
  • How to leverage networks to exchange ideas and create growth opportunities.

Don’t miss your chance to hear one of the world’s most engaging and insightful speakers.  To get your tickets, click here.  

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New research from Code42

Data security company Code42 released research highlighting that almost three-quarters (72 percent) of CEOs admit they’ve taken valuable intellectual property from a former employer. Yet 78 percent of CEOs agree that ideas, in the form of IP, are still the most precious asset in the enterprise.


The Shape of Water – Tax Disputes in the Age of Intangible Value

New report from Baker MacKenzie highlights: 

“The intangibility of value creation is the main challenge now days not only for lawmakers, but certainly also for tax authorities and taxpayers.”

The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies

Evidence that the most valuable assets a company owns are intangible and people (and countries) will go to great lengths to steal them…

“China’s spies appear to have found a perfect conduit for what U.S. officials now describe as the most significant supply chain attack known to have been carried out against American companies… One official says investigators found that it eventually affected almost 30 companies, including a major bank, government contractors, and the world’s most valuable company, Apple Inc. One government official says China’s goal was long-term access to high-value corporate secrets and sensitive government networks.”


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