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Australian executives losing faith in traditional valuation methods when it comes to maximizing value

August 20, 2019

Eighty-two percent of senior executives believe that traditional valuation methods can no longer be relied upon to capture a company’s true worth, as corporate value becomes increasingly driven by intangible assets. This is according to a poll of 135 Australian senior C-suite executives taken during a series of recent events in Sydney and Adelaide. Today…

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Board of Directors

Is ‘Real Value’ Escaping Board Oversight

August 4, 2019

Agenda Week By Tony Chapelle July 29, 2019 The great majority of corporate value — nearly 90%, by some accounts — isn’t noted in company books due to accounting rules that keep intangibles such as knowledge assets off of balance sheets in most cases. Critics say the rules can leave intangible assets undervalued, underutilized or poorly protected.…

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