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Commercialising research and development

How do we get a ‘rock star’ economy?

March 18, 2022

The problem with tangible assets is that they don’t scale the way intangible assets do. Tangible asset growth is limited by physical constraints: the speed at which grass grows or fish multiply. You can’t make one fish, put it online and download it 50 million times in a week. But intangible assets like a Beatles song can be scaled infinitely.

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Ten-Minute IT Jam: Intangible Asset Risk

March 9, 2022

The speed of innovation has never been faster. However, a challenge for many companies is how to scale quickly while at the same time protecting the intangible assets (such as data, brand, confidential information, systems and processes, customer and supplier relationships, software, code, patents, and trademarks) you create that underpin your competitive edge. For example…

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