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Harnessing the power of perspective by thinking Beyond IP

March 22, 2023

The email notification pinged at about 10:30 AM. Inside the message was a large purchase order from a giant multinational. The order was the biggest the SME had ever received, and it made the owners think: why did they pick us? The request didn’t come out of the blue. The sales team had engaged with…

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Why you need a data strategy, yesterday

March 17, 2023

By Bryce Turner When Covid-19 appeared in early 2020, many airlines were forced to borrow so they could stay afloat – or maybe “aloft” would be more accurate. The only problem was, with everything shut down, United Airlines didn’t have much to offer investors. UA boasted a fleet of 1358 total aircraft assets valued at…

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Climbing Mt Success with intangible assets

March 10, 2023

By Stefan Tan In the hustle and bustle of the business world, it’s easy to forget that no one permanently lives on top of Mt Success. This phrase taps into the beautiful wisdom of the Ancient Greeks about “resting on your laurels.” In Greek sports, winners were awarded a wreath as a prize and the…

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Adidas proves patience is key for brand strategy

March 1, 2023

By Craig Margolius Five months after Adidas dumped the “Yeezy” brand from its portfolio, the German apparel company is struggling to fill the gap in lost profits. However, evidence from secondary sneaker reseller markets shows how Adidas’ strong early statements to defuse the controversy, coupled with its cool patience, may provide a path for redeeming…

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