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EverEdge Partnerships

We work closely with a number of organizations to deliver exceptional results for our clients. These partnerships include:


IP ValueLab, Singapore

In 2017, EverEdge entered into an Alliance with IP ValueLab, a subsidiary of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), to provide Singaporean companies with strategic intangible asset advisory services in Singapore.

The EverEdge / IP ValueLab Alliance supports the Singapore Government’s goal to help enterprises scale up and drive economic growth.

A key focus on the Alliance is to help Singaporean companies unlock the value of their intangible assets through customized advisory services and a suite of intangible asset management tools. These include the identification and audit of intangible assets and risks, protection commercialization and monetization strategies and intangible asset valuation, securitization and financing. Intangible assets account for over 87% of all company value today.

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