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The secret to success: a strong Intangible Asset position

July 18, 2022

We’ve worked with hundreds of organisations to help them commercialise their technology: from inventors in garages to Fortune 100 companies, from venture-backed start-ups to publicly funded research institutes. We’ve seen triumphant successes and dismal failures. Surprisingly for such a diverse data set the beginning point of both successful and unsuccessful commercialisation endeavours is remarkably consistent:…

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Research and development

Opinion: We need to get smarter about being smart

May 9, 2022

Innovation is essential but it’s also hard. The idea is the easy bit. Making money from ideas (for a company or a country) requires deep experience and investment in commercialisation.

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Data Monetization: 3 Steps to Making Money with Data (part two)

February 22, 2022

It’s not just a cliche; data really is like oil. There’s so much value in oil in fact that today it is frequently the difference between long-term profitability and failure for thousands of businesses around the world. But monetizing such a precious resource as data or oil is more complex than it may at first…

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Old Dog, New Tricks: Bob Ross and the Potential of NFTs

November 3, 2021

Bob Ross was a prolific painter of landscape art and hosted the famous PBS series, The Joy of Painting, from the early-80s to mid-90s.  While the Bob Ross company is still capitalizing on his name and intangible assets well after his death, how could new digital asset technology like NFTs help businesses like his monetize…

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EverEdge advises on the sale of Railblaza and NTD Plastics to Oriens Capital

October 14, 2021

EverEdge Global is proud to have advised the shareholders of Railblaza Limited and NTD Plastics Limited on the sale of these two entities to a newly created group called Nautical Group Holdings Limited. The Group is owned 68% by Oriens Capital’s Fund 2, with the balance owned by the founder, Ross Pratt and two existing…

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Maximizing Value in Private Equity Transactions

September 21, 2021

EverEdge Head of Transactions, Craig Margolius shares how intangible assets provide leverage for companies looking to maximize value through the transation process.   Private equity transaction values have increased over the past few years driven both by competition for quality assets and increased liquidity created by strong capital flows within many sectors and more recently by…

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EverEdge Team Recognized as World’s Leading IP Strategists

September 2, 2021

EverEdge’s CEO, Paul Adams and Head of Strategy, Paul Davies have been named amongst the world’s elite intellectual property strategists in the 2021 IAM Strategy 300 rankings.

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Three Critical Brand Mistakes

August 9, 2021

(That your trademark attorney and brand strategist are unlikely to tell you about) A fundamental error many companies make when launching a new product or service is not focusing enough time, capability, and resource in establishing a brand that will stand the test of time. Too often the goal is on getting the product or…

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FinTech Intangible Assets

Paywith: Future FinTech

August 4, 2021

Paywith works with consumer focused enterprise organizations to create fintech oriented payment solutions that change the way people pay with mobile devices and contactless solutions. In this episode of ‘The Intangible Edge’, EverEdge Managing Director, Tyler Capson talks to Paywith Co-Founder & CEO David Strebinger about how the company has built and leveraged its intangible…

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Intangible assets in education

SIS and Inspirasi Group: Transforming Education

June 16, 2021

SIS and Inspirasi Group of K-12 Schools is an award-winning enterprise focused on making quality education affordable in developing countries. The Group was recently awarded the prestigious Financial Times (UK) – IFC (World Bank) Global 2019 Award in London for its transformational work in education. In this episode of ‘The Intangible Edge’, EverEdge Managing Director…

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