EverEdge December Newsletter 2018

Dear reader,

Welcome to our last newsletter for 2018. It's been a year of continued growth for EverEdge, as more companies realize the importance of both leveraging and mitigating risk around their valuable intangible assets. 

First up, a thank you to all our clients for your continued business and support. As we look back over the past 12-months, key highlights for our team include: 
  • Providing an average return on fees to clients of more than 10x
  • Having our intangible asset valuations used by clients to raise more than a billion US$ in equity and debt capital 
  • Launching a new investment arm EverEdge Capital, which in its first month post launch had more than 48-opportunities under review  
  • Tripling the size of our team  
  • Expanding our presence in Singapore and Australia, with several senior team members relocating to these locations and a number of new hires made
  • Extending our alliance with IPValueLab, the enterprise engagement arm of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
  • Paul Adams and Paul Davies being named for the 6th and 4th years respectively as some of the top intellectual property strategists globally by IAM Magazine, the intellectual property industry’s independent and premier publication
  • Our team speaking at more than 80 conferences and events in locations across Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.
In this month's newsletter you'll find insights into the key trends that have been on our radar this year around intangible assets - hopefully these will also be on your radar as you finalize your plans for 2019.  

We hope you enjoy the update and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the year ahead.  Wishing you a safe and happy holiday period.

Paul & the EverEdge team 
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Client impact

“EverEdge provided Kotahi with technology valuation advice during an offshore acquisition. Their advice was professional, pragmatic and insightful. I would recommend them to any company undertaking M&A involving intangible assets."
David Ross, Chief Executive Officer Kotahi.

EverEdge Global Insights
Intangible asset risks go out with a bang

Intangible asset risk is often regarded as either not important at all, or important but not urgent. But when something goes wrong, things can become catastrophic quite quickly.

If managing intangible asset risk is not at the top of your business agenda in 2019, then buckle up, you could be in for a rough ride. As the value of intangible assets continues to grow, it is expected intangible asset risk will also increase. 

Hear Paul Adams, CEO of EverEdge, discuss what companies need to consider when it comes to mitigating intangible asset risk.
EverEdge Capital seeks investment opportunities

November saw us launch our new investment arm, EverEdge Capital. The new fund will specialize in making investments in, and helping to monetize, intangible assets to deliver strong investment returns to both innovators and investors.

In its first month, the fund had 48 opportunities presented to it for review, of which 28 met the funds investment criteria. The funds investment strategy means it can look at a much broader array of opportunities than traditional investors. It is less concerned with the stage or age of the company and instead is focused on finding opportunities to unlock value in under-utilized intangible assets. 

To learn more about the types of investments the fund is looking to invest in, Francis Milner, Chief Investment Officer of EverEdge Capital, outlines the funds investment criteria.  
EverEdge Company News
Nicolas Konialidis joins EverEdge team as Senior Manager - Valuations 

This month, EverEdge announced the appointment of Nicolas Konialidis as Senior Manager – Valuations. Based in EverEdge’s Singapore office, Nicolas’ experience adds additional depth and breadth to the company’s valuation and transactions team.

EverEdge's expansion over the last twelve months has seen our staff numbers triple.  
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Client impact

"EverEdge has advised Ranqx on multiple occasions over the last three years. EverEdge's advice is always commercial, pragmatic and on point. They have been instrumental in Ranqx understanding, building and positioning our competitive edge and value"
Dave Lewis - CEO, Ranqx.

Intangible Assets in the News 
Commercialization DIY Disaster 

Building a successful company requires multiple skill sets: sales, IT, finance, marketing, legal, research & development, intellectual property, strategy, HR etc. It is impossible for a single person to possess all these skills – no-one is that good.

Read EverEdge Managing Director of Australia & New Zealand Michael Masterson's insights into why, when it comes to growing your business and commercializing your product, it is critical to build a team around you that (collectively) has a broad range of skill sets.

Getting data on the asset register

This month, EverEdge Managing Director of Australia & New Zealand Michael Masterson spoke at the InnovationAus.com Dataconomy event in Sydney. 

In advance of the event, Michael chatted with InnovationAus.com journalist Seamus Bryne regarding the importance of recognizing data as an asset and about the need to get data onto the risk register.

In almost 1,000 client engagements, we have only ever seen intangible assets - including data - on the risk register once.  If you don't understand what your assets are. then you won't be able to accurately value or manage risk around them.  

Intangible risk a tangible threat

William Sanders, publisher of StrategisRISK Magazine, recommended that "if you read one article this week make it this one."

In this article EverEdge CEO Paul Adams talks about the growing threat of intangible asset risk and his prediction that you’ll see a spate of lawsuits over the next decade as people hold directors to account around the management of their intangible assets.  

Be prepared to fight...

Companies don’t spend millions of dollars filing intangible assets such as patents, trademarks and plant variety rights to stuff them in the bottom drawer. 

Today, more than 87% of a company’s value and earnings growth is derived from intangible assets and it follows that companies will aggressively defend these assets – including through litigation, if necessary.  

EverEdge CEO Paul Adams shares insights into the top five intangible asset risks.

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