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Happy New Year!

We hope you managed to take a break over the holiday period and have arrived back into the office refreshed and ready to kick-start what we hope will be a very successful 2019 for you. 

Today, corporate value is no longer primarily derived from tangible assets such as property, plant and equipment. Airlines don't own aeroplanes anymore. Hotels don't own their buildings. Car manufacturers are now outsourcing production lines.  Instead, intangible assets - brand, content, data, know-how, confidential information, design, inventions, code - are driving growth and profitability. 

However, many companies are still not effectively leveraging or mitigating risk around these valuable assets. One of the primary reasons for this, is that many companies still don't know how to identify what intangible assets they own and which ones are likely drive value. 

So, as we move into 2019, this month's newsletter focuses on how to identify your intangible assets and the questions you should be asking if you are looking to maximize your returns on these assets. This is a core part of the work we do for many of our clients. If we can be of assistance to you with this, please get in touch. 

We look forward to working with you this year. 

Paul & the EverEdge team 
Upcoming events

Intangible assets: The Value you can't see 
Export Council of Australia 
Sydney Feb. 14 

Understanding and leveraging your intangible assets to build a competitive edge
Export Council of Australia
Sydney Feb. 27
Melbourne Feb. 28
Brisbane Mar. 15

ScaleFest 2019
Melbourne, Mar. 01-02

Leveraging Intangible Assets to Build a Competitive Edge 
RIMS US Webinar, Mar. 7
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Client impact
“EverEdge’s report was exceptional. It was not only provided deep insight but was also highly commercial and pragmatic. It clearly identified our intangible assets, why they are important and outlined exactly the action points and priorities to unlock their value.”
Trent Fulcher, Head of Strategy, Airways.

Airways is a world-leading commercial Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), and operates in New Zealand as a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE).
Intangible assets - driving real economic returns 
Even in the most tangible looking enterprises, the real value and ability to generate economic returns is driven by intangible assets. However, many companies and investors overlook these valuable assets, which results in many companies and investors not see identifying material hidden value and hidden risks.
Hear EverEdge CEO Paul Adams outline how intangible assets are driving real economic returns for businesses. 
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Rembrandts in the Attic 
Failing to take the time to identify and manage your valuable intangible assets not only represents a major missed opportunity to extract value, but is also a potential breach of a Directors fiduciary duties to shareholders.

Undertaking an intangible asset audit can help 
identify the valuable assets (the Rembrandts in the attic) held by your company, and the potential value (financial or strategic) your company can realize.

Read more about how to find your 'Rembrandts in the Attic'. 
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Client impact
“EverEdge's services are presented in a uniquely clear format which enables easier analysis of opportunities and risks. We use EverEdge as they offer a very different service in terms of intangible asset strategy, which we have found a very useful addition to the work carried out by our patent attorney.”
Hartley Atkinson, CEO, AFT Pharmaceuticals
(AFT Pharmaceuticals (NZX: AFT, ASX: AFP).)

AFT Pharmaceuticals is a growing multinational pharmaceutical company that develops, markets and distributes a broad portfolio of pharmaceutical products across a wide range of therapeutic categories. 

Important vs Urgent

CEOs and managers often struggle to move beyond day-to-day business demands because the focus is “keeping the car on the road” rather than strategic or long term direction.

Unfortunately, sacrificing the important to the urgent only works for so long. Eventually the delayed decisions, short cuts and stop gap measures catch up, then something goes badly wrong; the car ends up at the bottom of a very steep cliff.

Read EverEdge CEO Paul Adams insights into why you're facing an urgent problem if you are not managing your intangible assets like they are important. 

Intangible Asset Business Guides

Our Alliance partner in Singapore IP ValueLab,  has produced a range of business guides focused on leveraging and mitigating risk around intangible assets.  The guides include:  

You can request access to these guides via the link to the IP Value Lab website below. 

EverEdge Capital starts year strong

EverEdge Capital has started the year strong, with more than 50 opportunities under review, and three opportunities having already progressed through to the next stage of the funds investment qualification process.

Francis Milner, EverEdge Capital's Chief Investment Officer, continues to be impressed with the high quality of the intangible asset opportunities being presented. "Our investment model allows us to look at a much broader range of opportunities, not just one part of the investment life cycle. Our focus in on investing in businesses and ideas where we are able to help codify the intangible assets and commercialize these assets"

To learn more about the types of investment opportunities we are looking to invest in, listen to Francis outline EverEdge Capital's investment mandate. 
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