June Newsletter: Data Valuation - the Holy Grail

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Recently, a lot of our work has focused on supporting companies to leverage, mitigate risk and value their data.  For this reason, we've focused this month's newsletter on data. 

There is a common misconception, largely based on outdated accounting standards, that it is not possible to value data. This is incorrect. You absolutely can value data – it just requires a different methodology as it needs to take into account a much broader range of factors than are included in a traditional physical asset or business valuation. 

At EverEdge, we utilize new methodologies that provide companies with a robust, defensible, business-focused report that contextualizes the value of their intangible assets – including data. 

Monetized effectively, data has the potential to become one of a company’s greatest assets. However, the first step in this process is to understand the various business end use cases for that data as it is these end uses cases that determine the potential economic returns and risks associated with leveraging your data. 

Included below are several articles that provide insights into how you can leverage your company's data as an asset; mitigate the key technical, legal and reputational risks around data; and accurately recognize its value.  If you are interested in understanding more about any of these topics, please feel free to get in touch. 

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Making money from data

Data... The new gold. The new oil. The world’s most valuable resource.  With a build-up like this, it is no wonder many companies are now trying to leverage and monetize the data they hold.

But is the reality living up to the hype? The answer is yes… and no.

The biggest mistake companies make when monetizing data 

“We have all this data! How can we monetize it?” is one of the most common questions we hear from clients today.

Unfortunately, too often that simple question and the various initiatives that follow lead many companies to make costly and serious mistakes. 

Data valuation: the Holy Grail

There is a common misconception, largely based on outdated accounting standards, that it is not possible to value data. 

However, with intangible assets now driving more than 87% of company growth and profitability, new methodologies have been developed that can provide companies with a robust, defensible, business-focused report that contextualizes the value of these critical assets – including data. 

“As a leading expert in the field of intangible assets, we engaged Paul Adams to provide expert testimony for us in a family law dispute involving ownership rights to intellectual property assets. The affidavit prepared by Paul was instrumental in helping us resolve the case through mediation and to achieving a successful outcome on behalf of our client. I would highly recommend Paul as an expert witness in any case involving intellectual property rights or intangible assets.”

Selina Trigg, Director, Family Law Results


The iconic, yellow smiley face. Did you know that the company that licenses the yellow and black smiley face image makes nearly $500m per year? A great example of how an intangible asset in the right hands can be leveraged and evolved to pay dividends over an extended period. Such a simple drawing, but the owners of this iconic image had the foresight to protect their most valuable asset through registration and strict licensing agreements. If only we all had this foresight when it came to recognizing where the value in our organizations and ideas lies...
To read the article, click here. 

"The world's most expensive water balloon fight" should be a satisfying result to patent owners across the world. The Zuru case is an affirmation of the fact that so much value is now in intangible assets, of which patents are one example. If companies develop novel and innovative services, they must defend them and, if they do so successfully, then this case shows they can end up with great results. To read the full article, click here. 

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