EverEdge Capital builds strong pipeline of investment opportunities

Since its launch at the end of 2018, EverEdge Capital has reviewed more than 100 credible investment opportunities, which has resulted in in five projects being progressed in 2019, and a pipeline of high-value opportunities queued to take forward.

Commenting on the business’ first year Francis Milner, Chief Investment Officer, EverEdge Capital said: “EverEdge Capital assists intangible asset rich companies to realise and capture value. Our investment thesis is that high-quality intangible assets generate ‘unfair’ competitive advantage to an end-owner. A strong intangible asset position helps protect market share and margins, enabling a more diverse range of commercialization options and delivering better strategic leverage and exit value.

“Over the last twelve months, I have seen this thesis validated time after time. Many high-quality intangible assets are still insufficiently commercialized – or fail to be commercialized at all – because the owners typically lack the capital, desire or expertise to successfully take the idea or product to market.”

Since launch, EverEdge Capital has assessed more than 100 opportunities from across the globe, including Russia-CIS, Europe, US, and Australasia, and has progressed five investment projects.  The fund invests in specific intangible assets (such as a brand, trade secret, patent or data); and also in established operating businesses’ where EverEdge Capital employs its expertise to help fast-track the monetization of embedded intangible asset value.  All current investments address large global markets, with values ranging from USD 5bn to USD 156 bn.

Francis continued “Intangible assets are really the only lever that can move enterprise value beyond cash flow multiples. Each of our investments has an incredibly strong intangible asset position, which will make for an exciting year ahead as we take some of these to businesses and assets to market.”

As it continues to grow its investment portfolio, EverEdge Capital is aggressively expanding its investment team to deliver additional value to its investee projects and investors. Current jobs being advertised can be found here.

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