1. Innovation Framework Tool:
The EverEdge Innovation Framework is a new approach to assessing intellectual property assets and inventions, and provides recommendations on how they should be protected.

2. Citadel Trade Secret Tool:
EverEdge Citadel makes tracking and monitoring trade secrets and confidential information fast, easy and reliable. Citadel is beneficial to all companies that want to manage valuable confidential information using an intelligence agency approach to information security. Using Citadel complies with the latest Trade Secret law changes, which now allow for enforcement in federal court.

3. Navigator Tool:
EverEdge Navigator is a revolutionary new approach to assessing the intellectual property assets and inventions and how they should be protected. It enables R&D and Innovation teams to rapidly determine which intangible assets and inventions are aligned to business strategy , and quickly assess the most effective protection strategy. 

The benefits for a



  • Improve budget allocation for intellectual property protection decisions.
  • Align intangible assets to company strategy.
  • Ensure consistent decision making over time and across teams.
  • Drive increased Return On Investment.
  • Deliver and demonstrate clear, strategic decision making.
  • Decrease the risk of losing your trade secrets, important know-how and valuable confidential information.
  • Meet the protection obligations of the DTSA.
  • Assign security tiers and sharing restrictions to track employees with access. 

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Note: All of our services can be customised to suit your company's personal needs.