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Revenue generation from the deployment and use of intellectual property assets, assertion-based exploitation of patent assets and technology, patent litigation, intangible asset valuation, intangible asset brokerage, sale/acquisition of IP based businesses.

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Francis G. Rushford is EverEdge’s President – North America. He is a world leader in the monetization of intellectual property assets, particularly patents.

Prior to joining EverEdge Francis was the Executive Vice President for Patent Brokerage at ICAP Capital Markets, LLC. ICAP Patent Brokerage intermediates patents and all other types of intellectual property between buyers and sellers, allowing Francis to draw upon his more than 25 years of experience and expertise in technology and law. He has broad-ranging experience and unique understanding of technology and patents, from integrated circuits to digital technology implementations. His expertise in these areas, along with other income opportunity streams such as Hollywood Media, Telecommunications, and Financial Services, have enabled Francis to have great success in generating revenue from intellectual property assets. In the last decade alone, Francis has delivered total revenue well in excess of $2 Billion.

Prior to ICAP, Francis was a leading intellectual property lawyer, working at several top law firms – including Christie, Parker & Hale LLP of Pasadena, CA, Poms, Smith, Lande & Rose, and Graham & James. Francis helped leverage patent and other intellectual property assets through sales, licensing and litigation. Francis’ practice touched on a very broad swath of technology and business, including medical devices, integrated circuits, telecommunications, software, aerospace, consumer electronics, financial services, web strategies, entertainment media and branding.




Significant experience in intellectual property transactions, totaling billions of dollars’ worth of revenue for a number of multi-national corporations.

Experience in intellectual property litigation at both US State and Federal Court levels

Responsible for supporting licensing negotiation that generated over hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue; provided legal counsel for business units; and involved in numerous acquisitions as part of the corporate due diligence team at a major global telecommunications equipment company.

As Associate General Counsel at Cantor Fitzgerald, Rushford was primarily responsible for the acquisition and development of an Intellectual Property Portfolio; and acquired the Wagner Patent for the trading of Financial Futures that generated more than $75M in licensing revenue.

Founder and responsible for the development of software technology for data analytics for the financial industry and intelligence community. The company received over $50 Million of investment capital to successfully develop its deployed products.

Partner at a practice focused on monetizing intellectual property assets.

Founded the Patent Brokerage Desk at ICAP Capital Markets, LLC. Operated a successful Patent Brokerage desk for high value portfolios that had a value of at least $2 Million. The Brokerage was structured to leverage and use an extensive network of more than 750 Third Party Subject Matter Experts to support a smaller and extremely experienced staff of 4 brokerage professionals.

Founded an Intellectually Property Development Company that acquires, develops and monetizes Intellectual Property. Also provides Strategic consulting services to a very select group of Fortune 500 Companies.




Juris Doctor (Law) – New England School of Law.
Bachelor of Science (Metallurgical Engineering) – Polytechnic Institute of New York University





    Intellectual Asset Management Top 300 IP Strategist since 2008.