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EverEdge ASSISTs senior management teams, boards and investors to IDENTIFY, EVALUATE, MANAGE AND MONETISE INTANGIBLE ASSETS. 


We help identify relevant intangible assets by sorting through opportunities and find the hidden value and key focus areas.

This stage is key when generating, rationalising and developing new ideas, business models, product applications and technologies that align with your strategies.

We evaluate and align intangible assets to business and investment strategy. We look at valuations, strength and scope of protection available, and outline any infringement risks.

This stage is key when accurately assessing a technology’s true potential. This can be extremely difficult and prone to significant error.

We provide management and staff with a clear direction on how to best manage and protect intangible assets, the creation of intellectual property within the firm, and how to reduce cost and risk.

This is specialised discipline, not an administrative task. It requires time, care, objectivity and resources. 

We help companies and investors unlock their edge by providing objective, insightful and robust advice. This is the stage where the the strongest innovations are converted into real commercial value.

EverEdge aids the closing of deals that will drive your commercialisation forward and ultimately increase ROI.

Introductory Video

This video introduces EverEdge and how we can help you generate value from your data, code, brand, know-how, patents, copyright, trade secrets, design, domains, approvals, plant rights and systems.

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