EverEdge Global announces the appointment of Marie Papageorgiou as a Senior Manager

EverEdge Global is pleased to announce the appointment of Marie Papageorgiou as a Senior Manager in its Singapore office. Marie further extends the capabilities of the company’s intangible asset strategy team and is one of a number of new appointments the company has, or is currently filling, as it continues its strong growth trajectory.

Paul Adams, CEO of EverEdge, said “Marie is a respected consultant who understands the value intangible assets bring to an organization. She is experienced in helping clients create value and growth opportunities through the protection of their innovations. Her appointment adds additional depth and breadth to our consultancy services and we look forward to introducing our clients to Marie.”

Marie joins EverEdge from the European Patent Office, where she was a patent examiner with a specialization in the healthcare, biotech and chemistry sectors. Prior to this, Marie held a number of management consultancy roles working with some of the world’s leading corporate brands.

Marie will work as part of EverEdge’s strategy team and alongsideIPOS International, EverEdge’s Singapore alliance partner, to help companies unlock the value of their intangible assets.  She is part of a team that delivers services including:

  • Intangible asset strategy
  • The transfer of intangible assets into and out of Asia
  • Intangible asset analysis and review
  • Licensing negotiations and deal preparation
  • Intangible asset policy and process

Marie added, “Innovation is driven by intangible assets. Leveraged correctly, these assets can be the key drivers of growth and profitability. I see my role as bringing value to companies at the intersection of technology, business and intangible assets. This is entirely aligned with the way that EverEdge works and is one of the many reasons I’m looking forward to working as part of this team to deliver results to our clients.”

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