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Is it easier to enforce patents in China or in the US?

By Nathan Smith | January 26, 2023

By Brett Kensett-Smith A lot of our clients look at me sideways when I tell them China has become a…

Q3 2022 M&A Activity – Food and Beverage

By Nathan Smith | December 21, 2022

This quarterly report summarises the M&A (“mergers and acquisition”) trends in the Food & Beverage sector across Australia, New Zealand…

Terroir: The ultimate blend of tangible and intangible

By Nathan Smith | December 21, 2022

By Kevin Mays Like a fine wine, every company is bursting with unique qualities once you get past the labels…

Data isn’t the New Oil: It’s always been valuable

By Nathan Smith | December 20, 2022

By Bryce Turner You’ve probably heard of Clubcard, the world’s first serious loyalty programme. But you probably haven’t heard of…

Intangible Matters Podcast Cover with Michael Masterson from EverEdge and Andrew Coppin from Farmbot

Intangible Assets Podcast: Farmbot

By Selina Goddard | December 14, 2022

In today’s episode we welcome Andrew Coppin the Founder and Managing Director of Farmbot Monitoring Solutions, an innovative Australian start-up…

FIFA’s brand bottleneck is becoming a huge risk

By Nathan Smith | December 7, 2022

By Ben Lenihan and Joel Hanrahan When a brand has had zero competition for 30 years, it can make strange…

NZ has fallen behind its peer nations. Here’s why

By Nathan Smith | December 5, 2022

By Paul Adams Landing in Singapore last month, after two years of enforced Covid exile, was a stark reminder of…

Digital Darwinism: Using Intangible Assets to measure digital transformation

By Nathan Smith | November 29, 2022

By Richard Teo If your company has been spending inordinate amounts of money and time desperately upgrading its technology suite,…

Calm down, Chicken Little – New IP laws won’t punish creativity

By Nathan Smith | November 25, 2022

By Caitlin Burnett and Ben Lenihan Last week, we met with a client who was anxious to learn if the…


Get wise on data or Medibank could happen to you

By Nathan Smith | November 18, 2022

By Joel Hanrahan In a series of dark web blog posts, the REvil cybercrime gang this month began leaking thousands…


How Intangible Assets Can Boost The Primary Sector

By Nathan Smith | November 17, 2022

By Dean Prebble The New Zealand Story ( is a powerful intangible asset that businesses can leverage to supercharge their…


EverEdge Case Study: Robyn de Bruin-Judge, Co-Founder of Designerscope

By Nathan Smith | November 16, 2022

This case study delves into the origins of R&D company Designerscope and how EverEdge helped the company on its path…

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