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Opinion: We need to get smarter about being smart

By Bridget Allen | May 9, 2022

Innovation is essential but it’s also hard. The idea is the easy bit. Making money from ideas (for a company or a country) requires deep experience and investment in commercialisation.

Data Monetisation

Ten-Minute IT Jam: How to monetise & value data

By EverEdge Global | April 16, 2022

The monetisation of data and other digital assets are actually asset utilisation issues. Data is like any other asset owned by the business – if you want to successfully convert it into value you need to develop a business case that carefully calculates not just the potential return, but also the costs and risks involved.

Commercialising research and development

How do we get a ‘rock star’ economy?

By EverEdge Global | March 18, 2022

The problem with tangible assets is that they don’t scale the way intangible assets do. Tangible asset growth is limited by physical constraints: the speed at which grass grows or fish multiply. You can’t make one fish, put it online and download it 50 million times in a week. But intangible assets like a Beatles song can be scaled infinitely.

Ten-Minute IT Jam: Intangible Asset Risk

By EverEdge Global | March 9, 2022

The speed of innovation has never been faster. However, a challenge for many companies is how to scale quickly while…

Data Monetization: Are You Sitting on a Pile of Money? (part one)

By EverEdge Global | February 22, 2022

How often in life do we miss what’s right under our feet? A person, a resource or an opportunity that…

Data Monetization: 3 Steps to Making Money with Data (part two)

By Bridget Allen | February 22, 2022

It’s not just a cliche; data really is like oil. There’s so much value in oil in fact that today…

TEDx: What if the way we think about business value is wrong?

By EverEdge Global | February 22, 2022

EverEdge CEO Paul Adams begins with a simple question: “what if the way we think about business value is wrong?”…

How ESG initiatives impact the value of your business

By EverEdge Global | December 20, 2021

Organisations across the board are increasingly looking at their corporate responsibility and the benefits that come from taking a position…

EverEdge advises on the sale of Swisslog Healthcare’s TransCar AGV business to OTSAW

By EverEdge Global | December 20, 2021

EverEdge Global is pleased to have advised Swisslog Healthcare, a leading supplier of medication management solutions, on the sale of…

Old Dog, New Tricks: Bob Ross and the Potential of NFTs

By Bridget Allen | November 3, 2021

Bob Ross was a prolific painter of landscape art and hosted the famous PBS series, The Joy of Painting, from…

When is anonymised data not anonymous?

By EverEdge Global | November 3, 2021

Over the last decade there have numerous instances of companies finding themselves in significant legal, commercial, and moral quandaries for…

EverEdge advises on the sale of Railblaza and NTD Plastics to Oriens Capital

By Bridget Allen | October 14, 2021

EverEdge Global is proud to have advised the shareholders of Railblaza Limited and NTD Plastics Limited on the sale of…

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