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EverEdge Company Retreat 2022

By EverEdge Global | July 18, 2022

‘Connecting’, ‘Collaborating’, ‘Creating’ and ‘Celebrating’ As a bit of light-hearted relief, we’ve pulled together a highlights reel from EverEdge Global’s…

Staff spotlight: Tyler Capson

By Bridget Allen | July 18, 2022

  During our recent company retreat in Bali, we cornered Tyler Capson, our US-based Managing Director, to learn a little…

Celebrating our client’s success…

By Bridget Allen | July 18, 2022

At EverEdge the reason we exist is to ensure our clients succeed. Below are links showcasing some of the fantastic…

The secret to success: a strong Intangible Asset position

By Bridget Allen | July 18, 2022

We’ve worked with hundreds of organisations to help them commercialise their technology: from inventors in garages to Fortune 100 companies,…

The true reason Gib can hold NZ to ransom: intangible assets

By EverEdge Global | July 13, 2022

Fletcher Building is earning superior margins because it built an extremely strong constellation of intangible assets over decades. Regulators and competitors should take note: even in an extremely tangible industry the winning strategy is always all about your intangibles.

EverEdge Named Top 10 Business Valuation Company by CFO Tech Outlook

By EverEdge Global | June 15, 2022

EverEdge named one of the Top 10 Business Valuation Companies globally.

The Relationship Between ESG and Company Value

By EverEdge Global | June 13, 2022

EverEdge webinar providing insights, case studies and practical advice on the relationship between ESG and company value. 

EverEdge FY22 business update

By EverEdge Global | June 9, 2022

It’s been a big year for intangible asset advisory, valuation, corporate finance and investment firm EverEdge. In this video, CEO Paul Adams shares highlights from EverEdge’s 2022 financial year.

Russia mcdonalds resturant

What McDonald’s & Russia can teach us about IP

By EverEdge Global | June 8, 2022

Anything governments can give (patents, trademarks, regulatory approvals etc – the hard rights), they can also take away. What can we learn from McDonald’s experience in Russia and how can companies leverage their ‘secret sauce’ to defy even the strongest dictators in the world?

Research and development

Opinion: We need to get smarter about being smart

By Bridget Allen | May 9, 2022

Innovation is essential but it’s also hard. The idea is the easy bit. Making money from ideas (for a company or a country) requires deep experience and investment in commercialisation.

Data Monetisation

Ten-Minute IT Jam: How to monetise & value data

By EverEdge Global | April 16, 2022

The monetisation of data and other digital assets are actually asset utilisation issues. Data is like any other asset owned by the business – if you want to successfully convert it into value you need to develop a business case that carefully calculates not just the potential return, but also the costs and risks involved.

Commercialising research and development

How do we get a ‘rock star’ economy?

By EverEdge Global | March 18, 2022

The problem with tangible assets is that they don’t scale the way intangible assets do. Tangible asset growth is limited by physical constraints: the speed at which grass grows or fish multiply. You can’t make one fish, put it online and download it 50 million times in a week. But intangible assets like a Beatles song can be scaled infinitely.

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