EverEdge are The Intangible Asset Specialists™

Today, more than 85% of enterprise value for companies in the S&P 500 is driven by intangible assets.

Moving the financial needle, requires management teams and boards to have a deep understanding of intangible assets and intangible asset risk exposure.

We help companies and investors to identify, assess, strategize, value and monetize intangible assets.  

Unlike major accounting, law and consulting firms, we focus exclusively on intangible assets.

We help companies and investors to:

  • Identify Intangable Assets

    What are our intangible assets?

  • Identify & Reduce Risk

    What is our intangible asset risk exposure?  How can we mitigate risk?

  • Assess & Value

    What are our intangible assets worth? How can we value these assets?

  • Unlock Value

    How can we leverage our intangible assets to increase financial returns?

We work across all intangible asset classes including: data, brands, content, software code, trade secrets and confidential information, patents, internet assets, design rights, regulatory approvals and standards compliance and plant variety rights. We are The Intangible Asset Specialists™.

We help companies and investors get tangible results
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