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In 1975, intangible assets accounted for an average 17% of company value – today intangible assets drive 85% of enterprise value of companies in the S&P 500. It is the potential of these assets to scale exponentially that provides American companies with the opportunity to generate substantial additional economic value.

However, to maximise returns, it means not just working harder but working smarter. While many companies first instinct will be to produce physical goods and services, this strategy may not be the one that creates the best return on investment.

By understanding what commercialization strategy is right for your business, it is possible to unlock significant value.



Intangible asset categories

Types of Intangible Assets

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Strategies to unlock value from intangible assets


Each of these business models require different levels of inputs – risk, resources and time – and generate very different levels of output.

Fundamentally, the more you put in, the more you get out, with a very rough rule of thumb being that for every dollar you make selling intangible assets outright, you will make $3 licensing them, and $9 deploying them.

However that’s not the end of the story.

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The key to someone else's lock

For companies with innovative intangible assets but limited capital or market access, selling or licensing these assets can be extremely lucrative.

To determine if a sale or license strategy makes sense, it is important to look at whether your intangible assets are more valuable in your hands or in someone else’s.

To evaluate this, EverEdge will help you work out the business case – or cases – for how your intangible assets can be utilised. You need to determine not just how your intangible assets enable your activity in your own markets, geographies, and products (and the likely ROI for each of these scenarios), but also look at whether those same intangible assets could deliver the same – or more – value for other companies.

If the assets you have developed are the key to another companies’ success, then these assets could potentially be of enormous value to them.

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The Callaghan Innovation R&D project road map, and the intangible asset identification and strategy work of EverEdge will be guiding lights for management on our growth journey.

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