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Intangible asset valuations

Traditional valuations tend to focus on the balance sheet and, by default, a company's tangible assets. However, today intangible assets account for more than 90% of the market value of the S&P500. These assets are the primary driver of most companies profitability and growth.

Unfortunately, intangible assets are essentially ignored by modern accounting standards. They either never make the balance sheet, are lost under the amorphous term “goodwill,” or are listed at cost, which is an issue as there can be no correlation between cost and value when it comes to intangible assets.

An EverEdge valuation will help you understand the true value of all your assets - whether they are listed on the balance sheet or not.

EverEdge Valuation Services

Conventional valuation methods tend to significantly under-value intangible assets and intangible asset-rich companies. EverEdge helps ensure that the true value of all a company's assets are captured within it's business valuation.

We have extensive experience in providing a full range of valuation services:

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A Proprietory Model

Using a proprietary three-factor model, an EverEdge Keystone™ Intangible Asset Valuation Services utilises traditional quantitative methods, but importantly also analyses contextual and qualitative factors, to determine the true value of a company's tangible and intangible assets. This is critical as these factors are primary drivers of intangible asset value.

This enables both companies and investors to:

  • Make significantly more informed decisions regarding exits, capital raises, and M&A, JV or license transactions

  • Better articulate value to potential investors or acquirers to drive increased pre-money or exit values or to potential JV or alliance partners

  • More robustly defend license or tax transactions or litigation positions

  • Make better decisions regarding which R&D projects are likely to generate the best “bang for buck"

Because we review a broader range of factors, an EverEdge Keystone™ Intangible Asset Valuation Services report tends to be more expansive, with a greater emphasis on prose, explanation, and evidence. Our valuations are robust, defensible and help our clients to clearly articulate the true value of their company or individual intangible assets.

EverEdge valuations have been accepted by the NYSE, NASDAQ, SGX, ASX, NZX, CATALIST & more; and meet International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) guidelines.

Experienced In Delivering Great Outcomes

Our team includes Chartered Valuer and Appraisers (CVA); Chartered Financial Analysts; Certified Patent Valuation Analysts (CPVA ); Chartered Accountants; Corporate Finance Advisors; Equity Market Specialists; Lawyers; and Registered Management Consultants.

Our consultants are available to meet with investors, counter-parties to M&A or JVs, regulators or tax authorities, or to appear as expert witnesses to defend their valuations.

Valuations prepared by our team have been instrumental in assisting our clients to raise more than a billion dollars in capital, including:

  • Supported early rounds of the largest capital raise ever in Asia for a pre-revenue company: Successfully raised $400M in equity and $750M in debt. [Singapore]

  • Providing a valuation to support the sale of a SAAS company successfully increasing the purchase from 3x to almost 8X Revenue multiple. [Australia]

  • Supporting the sale of a financial services company at a 32X multiple. [United Kingdom]

  • Selling the intangible assets of a failed company on behalf of its investors, generating a 45X return. [United States]

  • Valuing the intangible assets of a publicly-traded company entering a JV, saving them US$22M in cash. [New Zealand]

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