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Many IP Porfolios Quickly Become Major, Impenetrable Cost Centres

While patents and trademarks can be among the most valuable of all intangible assets, they can also quickly become a major and impenetrable cost center, costing hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars annually.

Data from the US Patent and Trademark Office shows that only 5% patents ever make money and fewer than 2% cover their costs.

Given that the cost of holding a patent in even a small number of countries can exceed $1M over the life of the patent, maintaining even a few surplus patents can rapidly become very expensive. For Australian companies with even modest portfolios these costs can quickly become a major line item.

Likewise with trademarks, it is common for businesses to build up legacy portfolios of hundreds, thousands or sometimes even tens of thousands of trademarks, which can lead to a steady and painful cost escalation.

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Streamlining IP costs

The good news is that the cost of patent and trademark portfolios can be significantly reduced (anywhere from 20% to 80%) without any reduction in protection, scope, or quality, by being smarter about the ways intellectual property rights are managed.

Drawing on the experience of some of the world's top ranked IP strategists, EverEdge’s Streamline™ service is designed to help you right size your IP portfolio.

EverEdge Streamline™ has a unique business model: we are paid from the savings we create for you. Importantly, you will maintain control and have the final call on what assets to keep and what to rationalize.  As an added bonus, Streamline™ can also help you to identify potential “Rembrandts in the Attic” (high quality IP assets) that you many never have realized you owned. It’s a win:win outcome.

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Independent, expert advice

EverEdge does not register or file patents so our advice is independent and geared towards finding the right intellectual property strategy for your business.

It is common for us to identify cost savings of between 20% and 80% of annual spend from our clients IP portfolios, with no reduction in quality or scope of protection.

In a medium sized portfolio this frequently amounts to tens of thousands to millions of dollars in annual, bottom line savings. In some cases, we have achieved cost savings of 30% with no reduction in the number of assets at all, simply by improving how third party legal providers are managed.

Examples of cost savings we have helped our clients achieve through Streamline™ include:

  • Case Study 1: Major technology player: 5,000+ patents. Streamline™ identified ongoing cost savings of $4,000,000 per annum.

  • Case Study 2: Large primary sector firm: 1,000+ trademarks, 300+ patent families. Streamline™ identified ongoing cost savings of $400,000 per annum.

  • Case Study 3: Major industrial firm: 750+ trademarks, 50+ patent families. Streamline™ identified ongoing cost savings of $200,000 per annum.

  • Case Study 4: Medium manufacturer: 800+ trademarks, 20+ patent families. Streamline™ identified ongoing cost savings of $250,000 per annum.

  • Case Study 5: Major hospitality player: 400+ trademarks. Streamline™ identified ongoing cost savings of $50,000 per annum.


The Callaghan Innovation R&D project road map, and the intangible asset identification and strategy work of EverEdge will be guiding lights for management on our growth journey.

Richard Guy, CEO

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We really enjoyed working with Michael and his team and learning more about the Intangible Assets within our business.

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We engaged EverEdge to prepare a technical valuation report of a portfolio of patents. The team at EverEdge demonstrated technical expertise and was highly responsive in the preparation of the report.

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The EverEdge team brought perspective, context and rigour to the table. This resulted in a valuation report of great value and utility.

Chris Donegan, Partner CRO

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Any organisation that is future focused and smart should engage.

Greg Jolly, CEO

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Very professional and focused on our business to find and provide the right outcome.

Geoff Wood, Director

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The EverEdge team hit the ground running, providing great insights into our business and the market in which we work – they have added a lot of value to our planning process as we rapidly grow our business.

Mark Maddren, CEO

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The EverEdge Foundation methodology, content and pace were spot on! We found the engagement very rewarding with great insights and takeaway actions from the report.

Mark Maddren, CEO

Ideqa Ltd

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