Business Succession & Exit Planning

Maximizing Value Through Exit


Don't fall at the final hurdle when it comes to maximizing value

Many New Zealand business owners will invest decades in building a successful business, but often fall at the final hurdle when it comes time to plan for a successful exit.

Business succession and exit planning is one of the most important yet most misunderstood financial strategies for any business owner. It relates directly to the ability of the business owner to extract the maximum amount of value from the business when it comes time to exit.

Understanding the true value of all your assets – both tangible and intangible – along with being able to articulate where this value lies, are critical aspects to ensuring that you can maximize your business value and implement a successful exit strategy.

Intangible asset categories

Types of Intangible Assets

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Strategies to unlock value

The EverEdge Foundation™ program is a 4-6 week process that provides senior management teams with the knowledge and tools to transform their organization’s intangible assets into commercial success and increase the potential valuation of the company as you work towards an exit. We have delivered this program to more than 500 companies globally, with superb feedback and a return on client fees of approximately 10x.

In addition to supporting companies with strategy development, EverEdge also offers a range of other services to help you maximize business value and plan your exit strategy, including:

  • Intangible Asset Audits

  • Risk Mitigation Strategies

  • Valuation Services (including for ESOP)

  • Commercialization Services

  • Transaction Services

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When is the right time to start planning?

Like most things, leaving your exit strategy to the last minute will only hurt you and your business.

Today, more than 85% of enterprise value for companies in the S&P 500 is driven by intangible assets (such as data, brand, confidential information, trade secrets etc). Not identifying, correctly valuing, or articulating the value of these assets can mean that founders leave significant value on the table.

EverEdge can help you determine the right strategy for your business and how to maximize value upon exit.


The Callaghan Innovation R&D project road map, and the intangible asset identification and strategy work of EverEdge will be guiding lights for management on our growth journey.

Richard Guy, CEO

Food Drying Holdings Limited

We really enjoyed working with Michael and his team and learning more about the Intangible Assets within our business.

George Gregan, Director

PTP Fitness

We engaged EverEdge to prepare a technical valuation report of a portfolio of patents. The team at EverEdge demonstrated technical expertise and was highly responsive in the preparation of the report.

Mark Petrucco, Partner

Hall & Wilcox

The EverEdge team brought perspective, context and rigour to the table. This resulted in a valuation report of great value and utility.

Chris Donegan, Partner CRO

Hywin Wealth LLP

Any organisation that is future focused and smart should engage.

Greg Jolly, CEO

Tuapeka Gold Print Ltd

Very professional and focused on our business to find and provide the right outcome.

Geoff Wood, Director

East Coast Traffic Control

The EverEdge team hit the ground running, providing great insights into our business and the market in which we work – they have added a lot of value to our planning process as we rapidly grow our business.

Mark Maddren, CEO

Ideqa Ltd

The EverEdge Foundation methodology, content and pace were spot on! We found the engagement very rewarding with great insights and takeaway actions from the report.

Mark Maddren, CEO

Ideqa Ltd

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