Intangible Asset Risk

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Intangible Assets Drive 85% of Enterprise Value for Companies In the S&P 500

Yet, despite being so critical, intangible assets still don’t feature on most board or company agendas.

This is especially apparent when you look at intangible asset risk, which is often regarded as either not important at all, or important but not urgent.

In more than 2,000 client engagements across both private and public companies, we have seen intangible asset risk feature on only one board’s risk register.

However, the consequences of not identifying and understanding intangible assets and their associated risks are extremely serious.

Intangible asset categories

Types of Intangible Assets

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Top five intangible asset risks

Collectively the top five intangible asset risks account for many (but not all) of the issues companies face with their intangible assets.

Unfortunately, most companies are not even aware of these risks in the first place so there is a heightened risk that things will go wrong and, when they do, of the management team and directors being completely unprepared, resulting in more significant cost and damage.


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So, What Can You Do?

While these risks are significant, the good news is that they are largely preventable.

The solution is simple: identify your intangible assets and the primary risks to these assets.

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The Callaghan Innovation R&D project road map, and the intangible asset identification and strategy work of EverEdge will be guiding lights for management on our growth journey.

Richard Guy, CEO

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We really enjoyed working with Michael and his team and learning more about the Intangible Assets within our business.

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We engaged EverEdge to prepare a technical valuation report of a portfolio of patents. The team at EverEdge demonstrated technical expertise and was highly responsive in the preparation of the report.

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The EverEdge Foundation methodology, content and pace were spot on! We found the engagement very rewarding with great insights and takeaway actions from the report.

Mark Maddren, CEO

Ideqa Ltd

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