Intangible Assets

EverEdge are the intangible asset specialists.

Types of intangible assets
Types of intangible assets

Today, intangible assets (such as data, brands, content, code, trade secrets and industrial know-how, internet assets, design rights, regulatory approvals and standards compliance and plant variety rights) are the primary drivers of competitive edge and company financial performance.

In 1975, these assets accounted for 17% of company value - today it’s 85% of enterprise value for companies in the S&P 500. Do you truly know the value of your intangible assets?

Since 2007, EverEdge has helped more than 1,300 companies identify, mitigate risk, value, and commercialize their intangible assets.

Our valuations have helped our clients raise more than a $1.5 billion dollars of capital. We’ve advised on both local and cross-border transactions. We are the intangible asset specialists.

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Intangible assets are everywhere.

They are the primary drivers of company performance, but are:
1. Typically, off balance sheet;
2. Not captured within profit and loss accounts; and are
3. Not tracked on the risk register.

So, while most companies can track desks, chairs, and company cars; few can identify, value, or manage the risks and opportunities around their far more valuable intangible assets.

This leads to material hidden value and significant hidden risks that need to be address is companies want to build and sustain a competitive edge.


“Over the last several years, we started to recognize the value of our intangible assets and their role in driving our business strategy and profitability but were uncertain how to ensure we were making the most of these assets.  Working with EverEdge has helped us to clarify how we can leverage our intangible assets to create additional revenue streams and maximize our profitability.

 EverEdge has also helped us to create a framework to mitigate intangible asset risk, ensuring the value we create within our business doesn’t just walk out the door. The work we have done with EverEdge is already paying dividends for us and will help to build additional value in the long-term.”


Sean McCormack

CFO, NDA Group


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To maximize the potential of your intangible assets, begin with answering:• What intangible assets do we own?
• What is the extent and nature of the intangible asset risks we face?
• What is the impact of our intangible assets on the company’s performance?
• What is the value of my intangible assets?
• How can we unlock our company’s intangible asset value?

Addressing these questions will help companies take a more measured view of how it manages and utilizes its intangible assets.

EverEdge is the intangible asset specialist. Our team bring knowledge, expertise, and experience to the table.

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