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If you fail to plan, plan to fail

While thousands of innovative products or services are launched every year, few are commercially successful.

Often, the problem is not that the product or service doesn’t work but that the company does not understand the commercialization process, as launching a new technology or innovation demands a completely different skill set and approach.

The EverEdge PathFinder™ Program helps companies with innovative products or services to develop clear, pragmatic and effective commercialization strategies.

Successfully Commercialize New Products & Services

For every $1 spent on R&D, companies (both large and small) are likely to spend $10 on commercialization. The consequences of making a commercialization mistake, in terms of both direct and indirect costs, are extremely high. However, it is not uncommon for companies to spend hundreds of thousands to tens of millions before realizing their plan was never going to work.

The EverEdge PathFinder™ Program resolves this issue by providing senior management with the knowledge and tools to understand the challenges they are likely to face and how to overcome them to achieve commercial success. Led by experienced professionals, EverEdge explains important concepts, the decisions you will face, case studies of what works (and what doesn’t) and demonstrates useful tools and frameworks that have been proven to deliver results.

The EverEdge PathFinder™ Program will provide your team with a clear, concise commercialization strategy that outlines step by step the actions you need to take to unlock value. PathFinder™ will answer key questions such as:

  • What are the core intangible assets we are commercializing?
  • What should our commercialization strategy be?
  • What level and type of resources and expertise do we need?
  • How long will each stage of commercialization likely take?
  • What are the primary risks we need to be aware of?
  • How do we mitigate these risks?
  • Do we need to consider bringing in external capital or partners? If so how?
  • How should we best protect ourselves during commercialization?
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How Does The EverEdge Pathfinder™ Programme work?

The EverEdge PathFinder Program™ is designed for senior management teams and directors.

It consists of one four-hour interactive, confidential workshop and interviews with key team members. EverEdge consultants will combine this information with our deep commercialization expertise and extensive external research to develop a comprehensive commercialization strategy that will put you on the path to commercial success.

Importantly, we also provide a step-by-step action plan (with prioritized action points outlining impact, resourcing and timing requirements) to implement your commercialization strategy, plus follow on support to ensure you are on track.

The total time commitment is approximately 4 to 8 hours.  This program is suitable for any size company wishing to launch a new product, service or technology. Grants may be available from a variety of government agencies to help fund our services.

EverEdge PathFinder™ Provides A Clear Path To Success

Successful commercialization can transform both large and small companies, and generate huge increases in shareholder value. Unfortunately, failed commercialization projects can be disastrous, leading to extensive losses and reputational damage.

The PathFinder™ Program helps companies to:

  • Understand if and how you should commercialize a new technology, product or service
  • The commercialization options available and the most effective strategy to follow
  • The step by step actions you need to take to execute that strategy
  • The risks you need to be aware of and how to mitigate those risks
  • The resources and time you will need to allocate to achieve your commercialization goals.

As the saying goes “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” The most effective investment in any commercialization process is to ensure you have a clear, robust and effective commercialization strategy.

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Why EverEdge?

EverEdge has delivered the Pathfinder™ Program to several hundred companies across the United States, Asia, Europe and Australasia with exceptional feedback and success.

Our consultants are ranked among the top intangible asset and intellectual property strategists in the world, rankings we've held for the last nine years consecutively.  Our team also consists of successful entrepreneurs and business people, meaning you benefit from best-in-breed strategy, commercialization and insight capabilities.

If you are interested in how the EverEdge Pathfinder™ program can help your business grow,
contact us today for a free one-hour initial consultation at [email protected]

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