Head of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property strategies and transfer of IP into and out of Asia, intellectual property – registered and unregistered forms, technology commercialization, intellectual property strategy, negotiating sale and licensing of IP, patent protection and enforcement, licensing and litigation.

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Paul Davies is a global leader in the commercialization of intellectual property, with significant experience in a number of facets of technology commercialization. Paul has been heavily involved in negotiating commercial deals, particularly licensing deals between technology firms and large multi-nationals, as well as providing advice on multi-million dollar transactions of Intellectual Property and associated business units.

While Paul started his career as a civil engineer, specializing in structural design for commercial buildings and development, he quickly became involved in the world of intellectual property and soon qualified as a registered patent attorney in New Zealand. Sometime later Paul joined Deacons, Hong Kong as Head of Patents and Design where he acted for numerous multinational clients developing filing and enforcement strategies for operating in Asia. Paul was also heavily involved in China where he was conducting filing, licensing and enforcement programs for offshore companies. He was also the largest filer of patents into North Korea; products included agrichemicals, seeds, and pharmaceuticals.

During the 90s and early 00s Paul was at the forefront of the dotcom boom working with companies developing semi-conductors, LEDs, electronic appliances and software services. He was a pioneer in the e-book and e-publication space, writing some of the earliest patents in page-turn software and cloud computing methodologies.

Now based in Shanghai and Macau Paul moved into working much closer with a handful of companies and developing intellectual property and coordinated business strategy and gained a significantly deeper understanding of the issues faced by the client companies in dealing with intellectual property issues internally.

More recently, Paul has helped a number of companies with the development of commercial strategies for exit and/or business succession.

When he is not working with EverEdge clients, Paul is on the Advisory Boards for a start-up in Massey University’s eCentre and a program run by ICL Business School




  • Significant experience in negotiating commercial deals – particularly licenses between technology firms and large multi-nationals
  • Filing and enforcement strategies for multinational companies operating in Asia
  • Intellectual Property strategies for tech start-ups
  • Intellectual Property strategy and trade secret management for a multi-billion dollar US multinational, implementing across multiple jurisdictions
  • Development of commercial strategies for exit and/or business succession
  • Advised on multi-million dollar transactions of Intellectual Property and associated business unit
  • Development of new plant varieties for exotic fruit
  • Manufacturing and licensing agreements for pharmaceutical distributor
  • Export of electronic equipment from China to the US.
  • Wrote early stage cloud computing patent to solve version control for e-book reader (prior to the common understanding of cloud computing)
  • Managed all aspects of intellectual property for manufacturer developing factory built housing.
  • Intellectual property development and protection for a vast array of technologies e.g online electronic payment services, semi-conductors, LEDs, electronic equipment, children’s toys, plastic bottle closures, coat hangers, shower cubicles, bee keeping procedures, digital applications, photocopiers and pharmaceuticals.



Bachelor degree in Engineering (Civil Engineering) – University of Auckland.
Registered Patent Attorney.




Chapter – IP Due Diligence in Corporate Transactions (GaLB).