Identify your intangible assets

You may have a great idea with clear market potential, but that does not necessarily mean you should invest time or money in developing it.

Typically, ideas arise spontaneously within organisations. Although such ideas may be valuable, their indiscriminate nature and timing often means they are misaligned to the organisation’s broader goals and strategy.

‘Ideation’ is the strategic generation of new ideas, business models, technologies and product applications. The following EverEdge tools are for generating, rationalizing and developing new ideas, business models, technologies and product applications that align with — and add value to — your organisation’s goals and strategies.

This robust process allows many people to collaboratively and transparently share knowledge and create and assess opportunities while remaining focused on broader organisational goals. Furthermore, by clarifying all the parties’ contributions and documenting the commercial arrangements, EverEdge minimizes the potential for future misunderstandings and disputes.



Note: All of our services can be customised to suit your company's personal needs.


IP Education Series

Learn the key aspects of intellectual property and intangible assets in a workshop environment guided by our industry experts ...


Landscape Review

Understand the commercial opportunities available and technology development to date, prior to spending significant time and effort ...


Intangible Asset Review

Identify the key intangible assets within the business and select the most effective classes to pursue ...