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Intellectual assets are the pre-eminent source of competitive advantage in today’s knowledge economy.

Like any asset, intellectual property must be actively managed and maintained to capture its value, ensure long term effectiveness and generate competitive advantage. Failure to do so may jeopardize your investment in R&D and expose your organisation to significant infringement risks.

Effective intellectual property portfolio and IP management is a specialised discipline, not an administrative task. It requires time, care, objectivity and resources (around seven per cent of an organisation’s research and development budget).

Management of your IP portfolio should never be turned over to a provider who has a vested interest in filing patents or trademarks, such as a patent attorney. To do so will create a real risk of large numbers of patents and trademarks being filed that add little or no value to the organisation.


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EverEdge Management Tools

The Tools are a new approach to assessing intangible assets & inventions, and provide recommendations on how they should be protected... 


Virtual Chief IP Officer

The EverEdge VCIPO program will add capacity and capability to your team by managing your intangible assets, reducing risk, capture assets and aligning ...


Portfolio Rationalization Audit

EverEdge reviews the portfolio of registered intellectual property with your company in order to identify the intangible..


Intangible Asset Strategy

EverEdge delivers a broad and cost effective approach to intellectual property protection and commercialization that is correctly aligned to your business goals.