Commercialization is the end goal of the innovation process
— it is the stage at which the strongest innovations are converted into commercial value.

Our objective when working with clients on commercialization projects is simple:
create wealth for our clients.

Our highly experienced intellectual property negotiation team will help you to maximize your returns by providing objective, insightful and robust advice to help you successfully close the deals that will drive your commercialization forward.

We work with clients to develop a clear framework for guiding discussions and negotiations to ensure that objectives and deal parameters are aligned with your broader goals. Understanding the other side’s approach and perspective is also critical to structuring a deal that will be acceptable to both parties.


Monetize Services

Note: All of our services can be customised to suit your company's personal needs.


Commercialization Strategy & Execution Support

EverEdge provides information on the most appropriate commercialization model and execution strategy for a particular product or service...


Negotiation Support

With an eye for intangible assets, our experts can assist you during negotiations and deal making activities such as licensing agreements or partnership negotiations ...


Transaction Services

EverEdge can advise and execute your business or product commercialization strategy including deployment, sale or licensing agreements ...