Once initiated, projects tend to rapidly gain momentum
and it is important to ensure that resources, time and energy
are not committed to a project that cannot ultimately
generate a strong return.

The adage that “you cannot turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse” is very true in commercialisation.

Yet accurately assessing a technology’s true potential can be extremely difficult and prone to significant error. Mistakes about the strength of intellectual property protection, freedom-to-operate risk, technology feasibility and market uptake frequently prove costly or even fatal to a business.

Through our experience of investing in our own technology portfolio and in working with hundreds of technology companies, EverEdge has developed a proprietary assessment methodology to help our clients understand their technology or intellectual property’s true potential. This ensures that future plans are based on a strong and realistic foundation.

Being independent of the patent attorney industry also means that we are uniquely placed to provide impartial and objective advice about how and whether intellectual property and technology should be protected, managed and commercialised.


VALUE Services

Note: All of our services can be customised to suit your company's personal needs.



Scout is a high level due diligence tool to better understand the current and potential status of a company, or a product's intellectual property position ...



A Freedom To Operate search is conducted when you want to analyse the infringement risks for a c company or product in a market place ...


Valuation Services

EverEdge provides an industry-accepted valuation of a company, service or product, with a complete quantitative and qualitative review. We provide a specific dollar-value..


Equities Research

EverEdge assess valuations of companies using an intangible asset lens. Our experts will find out if your company can sustain a margin of growth factored into the market valuation.