The EverEdge VCIPO program will add capacity and capability to your team by managing your intangible assets in three ways:

1. EverEdge will start by implementing a policy and process for identifying and capturing valuable intangible assets.

2. The VCIPO will create a set of document templates as they are required by your team. These documents may include things like NDAs, License agreements etc. If you already have these documents, the VCIPO will review these documents thoroughly to ensure they are effective for their purpose from an intellectual property perspective.

3. As part of the VCIPO program, EverEdge can provide a set of specialist tools for managing and making decisions around intellectual property. These tools allows easy management of intellectual property; and makes information around intellectual property and intangible assets within the business much more transparent and easy to understand.

The benefits for a



  • Improve the intangible assets management procedure.
  • Build a toolbox for managing intangible assets within the business to prevent loss of the critical intangible assets.
  • Benefit from face to face on going support and assistance regarding intellectual property issues as they arise.
  • Overall reduce risk, capture assets and align them with your commercialization strategy. 

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Note: All of our services can be customised to suit your company's personal needs.