Data Business Chooses Which Assets To Make Famous

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• Transport data company plans to scale overseas

• Struggling to differentiate itself from competition

• Needed a strong brand story

• Focused on excellent customer service

• Tighter brand story creates major success in the US

Client Introduction

A rising-star data company delivering for the public transport sector had achieved a small foothold in the US market but wanted to scale much faster.

The Problem

Clients often raved about the company’s excellent data services, but it found that the bottleneck was in its marketing and how to leverage those stories to attract further sales. The company was dedicated to creating a world-class suite of services, but all that time spent on the tools meant left little time for building equity in its brand.

The Solution

By asking the leadership a simple question – “What part of the company do you want to make famous?” – EverEdge reframed how the company saw itself. It had plenty of intangible assets including data, industry expertise and relationships with major municipal transport operations, yet the biggest intangible asset was the quality of its customer service.

Clients stayed with the company for years because the cooperative environment felt like they were part of a team. The clients could always be confident that the systems would work, no matter what. And that was the brand story the company needed to make famous.

Results & Benefits

The company prioritised its approach to customer service and the longevity of its customer relationships in its tender proposals, positioning this as a unique competitive edge. This messaging was so successful at securing new contracts that rival data companies rearranged their own tender proposals to match.

Creating a great product is the first step. But it is impossible to sell a secret. A strong marketing strategy can be a valuable intangible asset for a company, especially when it has enthusiastic – and genuine – support from clients who voluntarily help spread the word.

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