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In 1975, intangible assets accounted for 17% of the market capitalisation value of S&P 500 companies. Today, intangible assets are 90% of company value.

Intangible Assets Are Everywhere

They are a company's most important resources and the primary drivers of performance and growth - but can also be a major source of risk.

Intangible Asset Categories

Confidential Information
Industry Expertise
Approvals & Certifications
Plant Varieties
Network Effects

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EverEdge is a global intangible asset advisory, valuation and corporate finance specialist.  

Since 2007, EverEdge has completed over 2500 client engagements, helping companies and investors unlock the value of their intangible assets and reduce intangible asset risk.

Our services include:


Strategy Services

Drive tangible impact from intangible assets.

valuation services

Valuation Services

Identify and articulate the true worth of your company's intangible assets.


Corporate Finance

Maximise the value of your transaction with intangible asset insight.

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Intangible assets are a company’s greatest source of hidden value and hidden risk. We make the valuable visible in your organisation.

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I strongly recommend EverEdge to any company involved in M&A or capital transactions that call for valuation or assessment of intangible assets. Their advice was insightful, professional and decisive.

Grant Webster
CEO, Tourism Holdings Ltd

At first glance, our business might look to be primarily based on tangible assets, but EverEdge helped us dig beneath the surface and recognise that a lot of our value is actually derived from the confidential information, digital content and other intangible assets we hold.

Aaron Butcher
Head of Digital, QIC Global Real Estate

EverEdge provided Kotahi with technology valuation advice during an offshore acquisition. Their advice was professional, pragmatic and insightful. I would recommend them to any company undertaking M&A involving intangible assets.

David Ross
CEO, Kotahi

EverEdge’s report was exceptional. It not only provided deep insights but was also highly commercial and pragmatic. It clearly identified our intangible assets, why they are important and outlined exactly the action points and priorities to unlock their value.

Trent Fulcher
Head of Strategy, Airways

We found completing the EverEdge Foundation Programme invaluable and wished we'd completed it much earlier!
As founders of a start-up, it’s easy to become overwhelmed but working with Paul and Richard gave us a much clearer idea of where we need to be heading and re-energised us to continue our journey.

Nikki Tse
Co-Fouder, Prometheus

Everedge’s work opened up opportunities for us to make a genuine step change in how Zespri considers and manages intangible assets and I have every confidence that the strategic planks identified by Everedge will allow Zespri to unlock new innovative opportunities, driving substantial value for our business and Zespri growers.

Katherine Evans
General Counsel, Zespri

Client Snapshot

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