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In 1975, intangible assets accounted for 17% of company value.

Today they account for 87%.

Intangible assets are everywhere

They are the primary drivers of company performance, but are:

  • Typically off the balance sheet;

  • Not captured within profit and loss accounts; and are

  • Not tracked on the risk register.

So while most companies can track desks, chairs and company cars; few can identify, value or manage the risks and opportunities around their far more valuable intangible assets.

This leads to material hidden value and significant hidden risks.

intangable assets list as a starburst

Introducing EverEdge

EverEdge helps drive value and profitability by helping companies and investors to:

  • Identify Intangable Assets

    What are our intangible assets?

  • Identify & Reduce Risk

    What is our intangible asset risk exposure?  How can we mitigate risk?

  • Assess & Value

    What are our intangible assets worth? How can we value these assets?

  • Unlock Value

    How can we leverage our intangible assets to increase financial returns?

EverEdge Insights & Updates

Raconteur Intangible Asset Infographic_Visual Capitalist

The Growth Of Intangible Assets

A great info-graphic from Raconteur that highlights the growth of intangible asset valuations and how senior decision-makers view intangibles when making investment decisions. Today, intangible assets (items such as data, content, software code, company, and product brands, confidential information, inventions, patents, industrial know-how, and design rights today account for more than 87% of all company…

Craig Margolius_square

Craig Margolius to Join EverEdge, as Company Continues to Experience Strong Growth

On the back of another year of strong growth, EverEdge has appointed Craig Margolius as a Senior Manager. With a background in corporate finance and commercial management, Craig will work with EverEdge clients to help them unlock their competitive edge by identifying, valuing and monetising their intangible assets. Paul Adams, CEO of EverEdge, said “Today…

Capital markets

EverEdge Capital builds strong pipeline of investment opportunities

Since its launch at the end of 2018, EverEdge Capital has reviewed more than 100 credible investment opportunities, which has resulted in in five projects being progressed in 2019, and a pipeline of high-value opportunities queued to take forward. Commenting on the business’ first year Francis Milner, Chief Investment Officer, EverEdge Capital said: “EverEdge Capital…

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