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In 1975, intangible assets accounted for 17% of company value.

Today they account for 87%.

Intangible assets are everywhere

They are the primary drivers of company performance, but are:

  • Typically off the balance sheet;

  • Not captured within profit and loss accounts; and are

  • Not tracked on the risk register.

So while most companies can track desks, chairs and company cars; few can identify, value or manage the risks and opportunities around their far more valuable intangible assets.

This leads to material hidden value and significant hidden risks.

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Introducing EverEdge

EverEdge helps drive value and profitability by helping companies and investors to:

  • Identify Intangable Assets

    What are our intangible assets?

  • Identify & Reduce Risk

    What is our intangible asset risk exposure?  How can we mitigate risk?

  • Assess & Value

    What are our intangible assets worth? How can we value these assets?

  • Unlock Value

    How can we leverage our intangible assets to increase financial returns?

EverEdge Insights & Updates

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Data Insights: Making the business case for data utilization

Working out what your data is worth is a complex process but at a high level, there are three key factors that need to be considered. Watch as Paul Adams, CEO of EverEdge, shares insights into how to make the business case for data utilization and how, in doing so, you can drive materially increased…

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Data Insights: Can you value data?

The starting point when valuing a set of data is to build a business case that enables you to determine the potential economic return from each particular data asset in each particular business context. By properly building and analyzing each business case, businesses can start to work out how best to utilize a set of…

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Business insights: Why intangible assets are frequently overlooked

If you look at the S&P 500, the broadest measure of the market, we can see that intangible assets are the primary drivers of earnings growth in virtually all businesses outside the real estate sector. So, if these assets make up the majority of value in almost every company today, why do we not hear…

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