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In 1975, intangible assets accounted for 17% of company value.

Today they account for 87%.

Intangible assets are everywhere

They are the primary drivers of company performance, but are:

  • Typically off the balance sheet;

  • Not captured within profit and loss accounts; and are

  • Not tracked on the risk register.

So while most companies can track desks, chairs and company cars; few can identify, value or manage the risks and opportunities around their far more valuable intangible assets.

This leads to material hidden value and significant hidden risks.

intangable assets list as a starburst

Introducing EverEdge

EverEdge helps drive value and profitability by helping companies and investors to:

  • Identify Intangable Assets

    What are our intangible assets?

  • Identify & Reduce Risk

    What is our intangible asset risk exposure?  How can we mitigate risk?

  • Assess & Value

    What are our intangible assets worth? How can we value these assets?

  • Unlock Value

    How can we leverage our intangible assets to increase financial returns?

EverEdge Insights & Updates

Businessman analyzing a business analytics (BA) or intelligence (BI) dashboard on virtual screen showing sales and operations data statistics charts and key performance indicators (KPI)

MoneyFM Interview with Paul Adams: Unlocking value from intangible assets for firms facing bankruptcies

  An interview by JP Ong from Singapore’s Money FM 89.3 with EverEdge CEO Paul Adams. In this clip Paul shares insights with JP about how firms facing bankruptcy or liquidation can unlock value from their intangible assets. Paul talks about how companies can more accurately value their intangibles and the learnings that can be…

Frankfurt, Germany - September 17, 2014: A United Airlines Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet with the registration N171UA taking off from Frankfurt International Airport (FRA). United Airlines is the world's largest airline with some 693 planes and 138 million passengers.

A New Frontier of Lending: The Valuation and Securitization of Intangible Assets

Historically the securitization of intangible assets in lending transactions has been restricted, as intangible assets are typically less liquid than tangible assets. This has limited the pool of investors willing to invest in such assets resulting in the securitization market for intangible assets remaining in a nascent phase and ultimately meaning intangible asset owners have…

Faceless hooded anonymous computer hacker

People Won’t Pay For What They Can Steal

Corporate espionage is primarily focused on stealing confidential information (including data, trade secrets, strategy and financial information and other proprietary intangible assets) that are often crucial to a company’s competitive edge. When successful (and it often is), it is highly profitable as the thief becomes the beneficiary of zero cost R&D, hard-won strategic insights, or…

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