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EverEdge’s Transaction Readiness Programme™ helps shareholders, directors or leaders planning an exit or raising capital to move beyond industry standard multiples by better articulating the value of their intangible assets to investors or capital providers.

Become Transaction Ready

Most owners suspect their business is worth more than the financials say. But when it comes to a capital raise or exit, they are regularly constrained by “industry standard multiples” that don’t reflect the company's true value.

Too often this leads to a sub-optimal transaction that doesn’t capture the many years of investment and hard work.

There is a better way.

EverEdge's Corporate Finance team will guide you on a staged process to prepare you for any transaction, which may include:

Step 1
Intangible Asset Audit & Strategy
Step 2
Commercialisation Strategy
Step 3
Forecast & Valuation
Step 4
Deal Preparation
Step 5
Transation Readiness Assessment
Step 6
Information Memorandum
Step 7
Deal Structure & Negotiation Advice
Step 8
Comprehensive Sale Process

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Want a 30,000ft view of your company’s intangible assets?

Client Snapshot


When I came to sell the business, the traditional way of valuing by EBIT, simply didn’t account for the years developing the system and it’s inherent IP. Over a number of years I revisited the process of selling. Each time I knew that the EBIT value did not represent the true value of the business. Being introduced to EverEdge was a revelation. For the first time the discussion focused on the true value of the company.

I highly recommend EverEdge. The ease of the process to discover the underlying value of the company, the huge amount of work to gather the information, references and hard metrics to produce professional narrative.

John Peat
Director & Founder, VisitorRego

I strongly recommend EverEdge to any company involved in M&A or capital transactions that call for valuation or assessment of intangible assets. Their advice was insightful, professional and decisive.

Grant Webster
CEO, Tourism Holdings Limited

EverEdge provided Kotahi with technology valuation advice during an offshore acquisition. Their advice was professional, pragmatic and insightful. I would recommend them to any company undertaking M&A involving intangible assets.

David Ross
CEO, Kotahi

We have an exceptionally strong team of innovators within our organisation. However, some of the assets we developed over the years were outside our core competencies and the direction we are taking the business. Working alongside EverEdge, we developed a strategy that plays to our strengths in the healthcare sector along with unlocking capital by divesting the valuable assets we had developed outside of our future focus industry. EverEdge’s understanding of our business enabled it to identify OTSAW as the right acquirer for these assets and to support us in completing this joint venture.

Robert Oldin
CFO, Swisslog Healthcare

Preparing a business for sale doesn’t happen overnight. It starts years in advance. The work we did with EverEdge amplified the value of our intangible assets and was pivotal in positioning our business as we approached our exit strategy. I highly recommend EverEdge to any organisation looking to build value in their business and especially to any founder or management teams moving towards an exit.

Kevin Hyland
Managing Director, Ossis

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