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Registered rights can be excellent protection but aren't always the best way to defend your intangible assets.

The US Patent & Trademark Office estimates 98% of US patents never make any money.  

That’s not to say patents are bad, far from it! But many companies fail to predict just how expensive filing a patent can be (the total lifetime cost of a patent can exceed $1M) and fail to appreciate the long-term implications filing may have on a product or business strategy.   

EverEdge’s Assay™ Programme solves this problem by outlining your protection options before the patenting process begins. Assay™ does not ask, “Can you get a patent?” but rather, “Should you get a patent?”

How does the EverEdge Assay™ Programme Work?

EverEdge’s Assay™ programme helps business leaders who are unfamiliar with IP law to understand the dynamics of their intangible assets: 

  • What intangible assets are involved with innovation?
  • Where are the strengths and weaknesses of my intangible assets?
  • How can I best protect my invention or technology?
  • Should I pursue other legal protections or cut back on existing ones?
  • How will intangible assets affect the commercialisation process of my innovation?

While patents are valuable, they are a subset of a broader range of asset protection. It is critical to determine if filing is the right step for you.

Why EverEdge?

Although EverEdge employs patent attorneys, we do not file patents or trade marks. We are completely independent. This ensures we provide objective and unbiased advice about the strength of your intangible assets and the best ways to protect them.  

If it makes sense to file a patent, then we will recommend doing so. Equally, if it doesn’t make sense, then we won’t advise this action. Simple.

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