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Intangible assets are critically important … but poorly understood. 

Intangible assets are typically absent from financial statements and rarely appear on asset and risk registers.  

The result? While management teams intuitively know their firm has valuable “things,” they often can’t explain precisely what they are, what the risks to them may be or how to protect them. That’s a problem because if you can’t see it, you can’t manage it.  

EverEdge’s Foundation™ Programme will help you unlock the power of these intangible assets to increase value, boost growth and reduce risk. 

How Does The EverEdge Foundation™ Programme Work?

Foundation™ offers two half-day interactive and confidential workshops.

In the first workshop, we show leaders how to look beyond their financials and drill into the assets that are really generating value.

In workshop two, we work with your team to build an intangible asset strategy that will generate long-term competitive advantage. Our analysts will explain key concepts, examine case studies of what works (and what doesn’t) and outline proven frameworks and strategies.  

Following these workshops, we’ll deliver further discoveries, including peer comparisons. You will receive a comprehensive Intangible Asset Audit Report plus a step-by-step Strategy and Action Plan to implement our findings. 

Foundation™ is suitable for companies of every size, from start-ups to multinationals. It's also applicable to business units of larger entities.

Grants may be available from a variety of government agencies to offset the cost of the programme. 

The EverEdge Foundation™ Programme will help answer your questions:

What are our intangible assets? 

Where are our primary intangible asset risks?

How do we reduce or mitigate those risks?

How can we protect our intangible assets? 

Should we file a patent or trademark? 

What is my intangible asset strategy? 

How does this support my business strategy?

Why EverEdge?

We have delivered Foundation to over 500 companies globally with an average client satisfaction rating of 9.4/10. The overwhelming feedback from clients has been: “We wish we’d done this earlier!”

If you want to know how Foundation™ can sharpen your competitive edge, contact us for a free one-hour initial consultation. 

Free 1 hour Consultation

Want a 30,000ft view of your company’s intangible assets?

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EverEdge Foundation™

Unlock the power of your intangible assets to increase value, boost growth and reduce both risk and cost

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