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Successful commercialisation can transform a company and generate huge returns for owners and investors.  

As a rule of thumb, for every $1 spent on R” (research), a company is likely to spend $10 on D” (development) and $100 on “C” (commercialisation).

This fact presents growth companies with a major problem: management must innovate but the cost of making a commercialisation mistake is extremely high, not just in sunk R&D costs but in the much larger go-to-market investment.  

EverEdge’s PathFinder™ Programme helps innovative companies develop clear, pragmatic and effective commercialisation strategies that maximise success and minimise the chances of falling into a cost or risk bear pit. 

How Does The EverEdge Pathfinder™ Programme Work?

PathFinder™ involves a series of interactive and confidential workshops, alongside interviews with leadership and key team members. Our analysts will deliver a comprehensive strategy at an individual technology, unit or enterprise level.

The workshops and report will also explain important intangible asset concepts, map out the commercialisation challenges you are most likely to face and demonstrate the most useful tools and frameworks proven to deliver results.

PathFinder™ is ideally suited for any company launching a new product, service or technology.  

Grants may be available from a variety of government agencies to help fund our services. 

The EverEdge Pathfinder™ Programme will help answer your questions:

What intangible assets should we commercialise?

What is the right commercialisation strategy? 

What resources and expertise do we need? 

How long will each stage of commercialisation take? 

What are the primary risks we may face and how can we mitigate these risks? 

Why EverEdge?

EverEdge has delivered its Pathfinder™ Programme to thousands of companies across the US, Asia, Europe and Australasia with exceptional results. 

Our team includes trained valuers, successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople, meaning you benefit from best-in-breed strategy and insight. 

If you are interested in how Pathfinder™ can help your business, contact us today for a free one-hour initial consultation. 

Free 1 hour Consultation

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