Expand Internationally

It’s great to have global ambitions, but what’s the path from here to there?  

The EverEdge Pathfinder™ programme will time-tested strategies to protect your most valuable assets as you take your company to the world.

How Does The EverEdge Pathfinder™ Programme Work?

The PathFinder™ Programme is a series of interactive, confidential workshops and interviews with leadership and teams.

Drawing on our experience across more than 2500 client engagements, our team will then deliver a comprehensive innovation or commercialisation strategy catered for either an individual technology, programme or enterprise.

Throughout this process, we will explain key intangible asset concepts, map out the speedbumps and reveal useful frameworks and tools.

This programme is suitable for any company hoping to launch a new product, service, or technology.

Grants may be available from a variety of government agencies to help fund our services. 

Free 1 hour Consultation

Want a 30,000ft view of your company’s intangible assets?

Client Snapshot


As we looked to enter new offshore markets, EverEdge assisted us to develop an intangible asset strategy that complemented our existing operations and mitigated risk. EverEdge delivered a framework, tools and invaluable advice that will no doubt have a material change on our valuation when we seek to exit the business.

Tim Fussell
Founder & CEO, imei

EverEdge guidance has been instrumental in creating a sound, robust intangible asset platform. This helped cement a strategic alliance with Nestle as well as set the stage for further sales growth into new geographies.

Dr. Gursh Bindra
CEO, Vital Foods

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