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Need proven ways to accelerate your growth?

Intangible assets are infinitely scalable. With the EverEdge Foundation™ programme, learn how to leverage these assets to maximise your potential.

How Does The EverEdge Foundation™ Programme Work?

Foundation™ offers two half-day interactive and confidential workshops.

In the first workshop, we show leaders how to look beyond their financials and drill into the assets that are really generating value.

In workshop two, we work with your team to build an intangible asset strategy that will generate long-term competitive advantage. Our analysts will explain key concepts, examine case studies of what works (and what doesn’t) and outline proven frameworks and strategies.  

Following these workshops, we’ll deliver further discoveries, including peer comparisons. You will receive a comprehensive Intangible Asset Audit Report plus a step-by-step Strategy and Action Plan to implement our findings. 

Foundation™ is suitable for companies of every size, from start-ups to multinationals. It's also applicable to business units of larger entities.

Grants may be available from a variety of government agencies to offset the cost of the programme. 

Free 1 hour Consultation

Want a 30,000ft view of your company’s intangible assets?

Client Snapshot


EverEdge helped us identify how we could strengthen our intangible asset position to unlock value and drive revenue from our assets. We are now working on a clear intangible asset strategy to continue building our business.

Nikhil Joshi
COO, dltledgers

We recently worked with the EverEdge team on a strategic review. They did a fantastic job of stretching our thinking and together we were able to zone in on the few strategic drivers for maximising our enterprise value.

Dave Blackwell
CEO, Spidertracks

The EverEdge Foundation methodology, content and pace were spot on. We found the engagement very rewarding with great insights and takeaway actions from the report. The EverEdge team we worked with hit the ground running providing great insights into our business and the market we work within - they have added a lot of value to our planning process as we rapidly grow our business.

Mark Maddren

CEO, Ideqa Ltd

As we looked to enter new offshore markets, EverEdge assisted us to develop an intangible asset strategy that complemented our existing operations and mitigated risk. EverEdge delivered a framework, tools and invaluable advice that will no doubt have a material change on our valuation when we seek to exit the business.

Tim Fussell
Founder & CEO, imei

Over the last several years, we started to recognize the value of our intangible assets and their role in driving our business strategy and profitability. Working with EverEdge has helped us to clarify how we can leverage our intangible assets to create additional revenue streams and maximize our profitability.

Sean McCormack
CFO, NDA Group Ltd

EverEdge has provided us with insightful market analysis to help formulate commercialisation strategy for a technology we’re developing. Their inputs have been valuable in driving our decisions to unlock further value from this technology.

IP & Commercialisation Manager, Tier-One Resources Company

After 21-years, we needed to better understand the value of our business as we pivoted into the cloud service provider space. We engaged EverEdge to help us develop, build and leverage the value of our intangible assets. The process was insightful and helped us to understand the core value of our organisation.

Michael Foley

CEO, Umbrellar Group

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