EverEdge Data Value Accelerator™

Data isn't just a buzzword it's the lifeblood of successful organisations. 

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Too many companies treat their data like it’s the exhaust from the back of a car, disappearing uselessly into the digital sky. 

But data is far more than the boring bits and bytes of business — it's an intangible asset with the potential to revolutionise every step of your operations and add zeroes to the valuations of even the most hard-asset business.

The EverEdge Data Value Accelerator™ is in partnership with Data Estimo and is designed to help leadership teams discover, unlock and realise the value of their company’s data.  

How does the Data Value Accelerator™ work?

The Data Value Accelerator™ will capture all your organisation’s valuable digital “exhaust” and deliver a clear plan to transform it into a strategic asset. Using our proprietary framework, we will: 

  1. Identify: Gain a 360-degree view of your data ecosystem to see new opportunities for innovation, growth and value creation. 
  2. Unlock: Translate these opportunities into data products that align with your mission. 
  3. Accelerate: Create a roadmap for strong data governance to ensure you stay compliant, secure and ethical while chasing your goals. 

Why EverEdge?

EverEdge has delivered its various programmes to thousands of firms across the US, Asia, Europe, and Australasia with exceptional results. 

Our team includes trained valuers, successful entrepreneurs and weathered businesspeople which means you benefit from best-in-breed strategy and insight about how best to deploy your data assets.

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Want a 30,000ft view of your company’s intangible assets?

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