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Most valuers undervalue intangible asset-rich companies.

That’s a problem when you're raising capital, exiting (or buying) a business, pricing a new product or creating new partnerships. With an EverEdge Keystone™ Valuation, we will ensure no money is left on the table. 

We make the valuable visible.

The EverEdge Keystone™ Valuation Approach

EverEdge is the expert in intangible asset valuation. Unlike conventional valuations, we don’t ignore 90% of your most valuable assets. Whether it's a simpler valuation using quantitative and qualitative methods or a deep dive analysis for a keen investor, we can help you understand your company's true value.

Our valuations help:

  • Improve decision-making for an exit, capital raise, M&A, JV or licensing transaction;
  • Better articulate value to shareholders, investors and stakeholders;
  • Defend licensing or tax transactions along with litigation positions;
  • Understand which R&D projects will generate the best “bang for the buck.”

We can value your business, or the underlying assets. We specialise in intangible asset valuation, including:

  • Data valuation
  • Brand valuation
  • Software valuation
  • Intellectual property valuation
  • Patent, trade mark and copyright valuations
  • Plant varietal right valuations
  • Content valuation
  • Valuation of confidential information

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Want a 30,000ft view of your company’s intangible assets?

Client Snapshot


We appointed EverEdge to provide an intangible asset analysis and valuation. The depth of EverEdge’s analysis of our business, as well as the sector and geographies we are focused on, was impressive. The report highlighted and contextualized the strength of our intangible asset portfolio and how it contributes to the overall valuation of our business.

Ranjan Vaswani
CEO, Sierra Solutions

The process we went through with EverEdge helped us to refine our overarching business strategy, while the robust valuation report will now help us put our plans into action. This has built up our confidence in identifying, managing and securing our intangible assets which has become pivotal to Sierra’s future.

Ranjan Vaswani
CEO, Sierra Solutions

EverEdge crystalised the value of our years of investment in developing our own software suite and the building of our customer base - that we knew was there but not what it was worth. They did this by putting a clear value on these assets as a result of an extraordinarily deep analysis supported by market conditions and factors.

CEO, International IT company

We engaged EverEdge to provide us with a specialist valuation that reflected the true value of our business and the intangible assets we had developed through many years of R&D. EverEdge’s valuation will be a critical tool as we look to grow our business and seek further investment.

Mark Roe
CEO, Fusetec

We have had a long relationship with EverEdge, as its team helped us develop a strategy to build value in our portfolio of intangible assets. When EverEdge was appointed to advise Swisslog Healthcare on the sale of TransCar, its team was able to immediately identify the synergies with our business and the strategic value we could add to these assets if we acquired them. This transaction made sense for both OTSAW and TransCar and will allow both companies to focus on driving growth and margins in our core business’ by delivering innovative solutions and great service to our customers.

Ling Ting Ming
CEO and Tech Missionary, OTSAW

As a Biotech, our value is not in physical assets but in the intangible assets we generate through our R&D. As intangible assets traditionally sits off-balance sheet, existing financial reports do not provide investors with the tools to evaluate/compare our business with alternative Biotech investments. Working with EverEdge has helped us to identify and value our intangible assets, which in turn has enabled us to articulate the true value of our Company more effectively to our existing and potential investors.

John Manusu
Managing Director, Aegros

The EverEdge team brought perspective, context and rigour to the table. This resulted in a valuation report of great value and utility.

Chris Donegan
Partner, Hywin Wealth LLP

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