EverEdge Announces New Shareholder & Europe Expansion

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A message from Paul Adams, EverEdge Founder & CEO

I founded EverEdge 15 years ago to help companies unlock their competitive edge by identifying, valuing and monetising their intangible assets. Today, I am excited to share some significant changes to our business as we position ourselves for continued growth.

Firstly, I am pleased to announce that we have a new shareholder, MEYZER360, that has taken a significant equity position in EverEdge Global.

MEYZER360 is the fintech and compliance arm of the Meyzer Group, a leading private equity firm headquartered in Singapore that brings with it more than a decade in business experience.

The investment and support from our new strategic partner and shareholder MEYZER360 gives EverEdge Global the rocket fuel it needs to continue our growth trajectory.

I am also pleased to share that after relocating to Amsterdam, I will be helping both EverEdge and Meyzer expand their European footprint. 

With team members now located in Amsterdam, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States, it is now even easier for us to support clients in their respective markets and time zones. As our team works seamlessly between offices, this expansion truly allows us to ‘work the sun’ and deliver exceptional service to our clients.

I would like to thank all our team, clients, and contacts for their continue support and I look forward to this next chapter in EverEdge’s evolution.

Paul Adams

CEO & Founder  

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