Releasing Value from Salvaged Assets

Industry 4.0 concept: An engineer is programming robotic arm with control panel (teach pendant) which is working on smart factory production line. Selective Focus.


  • Client failed to commercialise an exciting new tech
  • EverEdge was asked to help liquidate assets
  • Multiple valuable intangibles discovered
  • Intangibles monetised and independently sold
  • “Moonshot” salvage returned 45:1 for investors

Client Information

In the early 2000s, a small company developed a game-changing technology. The startup tried to commercialise the technology but ran out of runway and was forced to declare failure.

The Problem

The failure of any business can send shockwaves across staff, management and investors alike. As the various parties lick their wounds, it can appear as though everything is lost.

The investors into the company were hopeful of recovering as much value from the enterprise as possible. They asked EverEdge to help them liquidate the firm and monetise whatever remaining intangible assets there may be.

The Solution

Even if it looks like all value has evaporated, a company’s intangible assets may still be worth significant amounts on the market – if they can be identified, codified and presented to buyers.

EverEdge’s audit of the company uncovered multiple, highly valuable intangible assets, each of which were capable of protection and commercialisation if they were sold independently.

Results & Benefits

After organising the intangible assets, EverEdge then led the process of locating buyers for each of the assets which were ultimately sold for tens of millions of dollars. 

In what was later described as a “moon-shot return on a salvage operation,” EverEdge successfully returned $45 to the investors for every dollar they put into the initial business. 

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