EverEdge proudly brings you Sunny Bates


EverEdge is delighted, in conjunction with the US Consulate and ATEED, to be bringing Sunny Bates to New Zealand for the Tripartite Summit and a number of other major presentations.

Sunny is an absolute must meet and for over 20 years, she has been a guide for an increasingly networked age, bringing together entrepreneurs, intellectuals, creators, innovators, artists, and executives from around the globe to tackle some of our most pressing questions. Focusing on topics from alternative currencies to genomic technologies, Sunny exercises her network development expertise on behalf of GE, TED, Credit Suisse, Guardian Insurance, and many other established enterprises.

In addition, she engages a wide array of organisations, from start-ups like Kickstarter and Jawbone, to non-profits like the Acumen Fund and Creative Capital, to help them uncover and maximise potential. She is well known for her popular initiatives like Connect and Conspire, Standard Talks at The Standard Hotels, monthly Cereal Entrepreneurs breakfast, and other transformational gatherings for the people and organizations innovating their way into the future.

Sunny’s unique talent is finding the threads that exist all around us and weaving them together in new and imaginative ways. Her approach to unleashing potential is unique: it recognises people and idea exchange as the raw material for unlimited growth.

Sunny is a director of crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and Creative Capital, an advisory board member of MIT Media Lab, and a Brain Trust Member of TED Conferences. She has a BS Degree in Energy Economics and Middle Eastern Studies from Cornell University.

To learn more about Sunny Bates, please see link

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