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We continue to build our young practice in Australia and raise the profile of EverEdge, through meetings and presentations. Of special mention are the educational sessions which we will be running until the end of the year, throughout Australia for Chartered Accountants . A couple of other presentations are being organised by the Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association for the beginning of next year. The financial community has embraced the services EverEdge provides, understanding that our standardised and cost effective due diligence provides insights that normally are not afforded by traditional financial or legal reviews. Our Scout tool in particular has had a great reception.

We have had positive engagements with existing clients and potential customers who are coming to understand and share the EverEdge message. One of the clients the Australian team is working with is a successful company in the health and wellness sector that has a wealth of intangible assets but only a single legal right: a domain name. Why are we working with it? to identify its assets, create a platform on which to build those assets and construct an intangible asset register.

We have also had numerous expressions of interest across a diverse number of sectors and have focused on strengthening ties with business and membership associations as well as governmental institutions. EverEdge is a member of The Trans-Tasman Business CircleAmerican Chamber of Commerce and Australian Services Roundtable. We are also delighted by the fact that a well-known national newspaper has approached us to deliver content potentially on an ongoing basis. Finally, Michael Masterson has been asked to join the Board of the prestigious Cure Brain Cancer and Yumi Millan of the Australian Services SME Mentoring Roundtable.

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