Nutraceutical Research Project Bears Fruit




A nutraceutical company engaged EverEdge to undertake an Intellectual Property Position Review relating to its unique manufacturing technologies. Previous costly and unsatisfactory experiences with patents meant the client wanted independent advice on its intellectual property strategy.

The client is a specialist in the nutrient extraction industry, which involves extracting valuable antioxidant compound polyphenolics from fruit. The environmentally sustainable, water-only extraction system utilizes several proprietary technologies.

The client, who was beginning discussions with multi-national companies to incorporate their nutrient extraction technologies into new product lines, wanted to:
– ensure their intellectual property strategy was robust enough to deal with such a large company,
– obtain the necessary information to strike the best deal,
– know if other aspects of its technologies could be leveraged for the pending negotiation
– understand the likely extent of any available intellectual property protection and the commercial viability of pursuing it.

We worked with the chief engineer and marketing manager to conduct an Intellectual Property Position Review, which involved identifying and analyzing the intellectual assets behind the client’s innovative manufacturing processes, technologies and products.

EverEdge employed specialist US firms to undertake extensive ‘prior art searching’ of patent documents, publications and other public information to determine the level, scope and strength of the technology’s patent protection.

The resulting Intellectual Property Position Analysis resulted in a robust strategy to:
– protect the client’s innovative technologies,
– manage future intellectual property developments.
– leverage their intellectual property to best effect when negotiating with the cosmetics company.

EverEdge helped the client gain a full understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their intellectual property. We developed a robust strategy to leverage the client’s technology into international markets placing them in far stronger position to negotiate technology supply and licensing agreements.

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