Newsflash: EverEdge Again Ranked Among Elite Strategists Globally


EverEdge’s Auckland based Paul Adams (CEO) and Paul Davies (Head of IP) have been named among the world’s elite intellectual property strategists.

This is the 5th and 3rd year running respectively for the two – a feat never achieved before by any New Zealand-based intellectual property strategist.

“The annual unranked list of the Top 300 IP strategists globally identifies men and women whose business is the creation and deployment of strategies that enable intellectual property owners to gain maximum value from their assets. Only those individuals nominated multiple times by different parties as outstanding IP strategists are listed in the IAM Strategy 300.” says Josh Wild, editor of Intellectual Asset Magazine, the industry’s premier publication.

The IAM300 Strategy recognition comes on top of another year of strong growth for EverEdge. The firm has expanded into Singapore after signing a major agreement with the IP Office of Singapore (ranked as the world’s second most innovative intellectual property office last year) to deliver its services into the Singaporean ecosystem.

In Q1 2017 the firm closed an investment round representing a substantial increase on its last round in August 2015. This round was funded by both existing investors and new investors from Singapore and Australia as it expands into Asia’s burgeoning intellectual property market.

In 2016 EverEdge was ranked as the 37th Fastest Growing Company in New Zealand and the 11th fastest in the Professional Services category.

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